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 Team Rocket Background: Ranks and Departments

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John Takido


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PostSubject: Team Rocket Background: Ranks and Departments    Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:02 am

Team Rocket consists of many different kinds of jobs and a Hierarchy of positions. These positions can be applied for right away, promoted into, or may be filled by current players.


This is a one man position. Held by a character who is cut-throat and head-strong about Rocket's current ideals. Dictating the direction that Team Rocket is to take. Can use his/her power to command anything from Team Rocket. Be it a new position or less-Direct changes. With the Future of Team Rocket his/her main-priority, the Boss is usually looked up to with high-regards and respected at all times.

Boss: John Takido

Second in Command of Team Rocket. Two Executives Govern the Two departments of Team Rocket with power that is only rivaled by the Boss.

-Military: Everything from Foot-work to pokemon stealing.
-Research: Scientists and lab reports. These guys created Mewtwo!

Head of Rocket Military:- Silver Evans (only known to Members of team rocket. The others only know him as the Head of the Elite Four)
Head of Research:-


Highest Promoted rank in Team Rocket. These Elites started mostly as Grunts and have Developed their own respect among the rest of the Military Department. Positioned in basses to be in charge of multiple lower-ranked Military personal. Reports any Progress in current local missions directly to the Head of Rocket Military. Only 5 of these Agents exist. A limited section with no power over each other as they are not to work in the same base.
Elite1: Cole Larson (Reiji)
Elite2: Hikaru Anbu
Elite3: NPC Kotaru

A Position that is special as it has it's own ranks within itself. All Scientists work in research facilities and one or two are rarely appointed to work under Elites at a base. Under the Direct Command of the Head of Research. Head Scientists are like Elites of their own Research facility.

Head Scientists:

The only position that might leave a Military agent of Team Rocket to work alone. These Officers can still be appointed to work under an Elite, or be grouped up together in pairs or threes to work on covert missions. Anything from spies to specialties in Pokemon Fighting. An Elite Must serve as an Officer for at least two weeks before being Promoted to an Open Elite position. Rare to happen, as Elite positions are usually full and Officers have to make a name for themselves in Team Rocket before the Head of the Military would even consider the promotion.

Officers: Storm Scandal, James Andrew, Andrew Yuon

Squad Agent
Unless specifically recommended by an Elite to work at their base, when a Grunt is promoted they Become Squad Agents. Squad Agents work in moving groups with specific tasks. Specific Squad names can be suggested by the Squad agents and may be accepted by Head of Rocket Military. Positions in each Squad can be up the the promoted Grunt, but are permanent until the Squad disbands. No limitations on Squad numbers.  
Squad 1:

Squad 2:

A Grunt who works at a base that has been promoted. Usually given slightly better pokemon to work with than the grunts. A Grunt who doesn't work at a base at the time of promotion has to be moved by the Head of Rocket Military or and Elite into a base to be an Agent. Agents who work at a base can be set in charge of a small number of Grunts. They can do specific jobs like recon-missions or go under-cover in local police stations ETC.

Agent: Steve Hood

Basically a promotion above Peon. These are Rocket personal who are tossed around a little less but are still given generally useless pokemon with only level advantage over peons. Can work on a base or be assigned to assist a Squad.

Grunts: Satoshi Yuon

Starter Position. Worst possible pokemon at first. Can be assigned as an Officer's Lacky or to assist a Squad or work under a Grunt.

Peons: Ryotaro Dojima, Deanna Shelton,
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Team Rocket Background: Ranks and Departments
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