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 Cinnabar Island

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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Cinnabar Island   Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:35 am

Cinnabar Island

Cinnabar Island is a large island located off the southern coast of the Kanto region, south of Pallet Town. It is home to a large volcano. Blaine was once the resident Gym Leader specializing in Fire-type Pokémon, and Has since moved back but Recently Retired From His position as the Cinnabar Gymleader. He is still trying to find His Replacement.

Cinnabar is a kind of red mineral, associated with hot springs and volcanoes. The island is connected to the mainland by two water routes: Route 20 in the east and Route 21 in the north, leading to Fuchsia City and Pallet Town, respectively.
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PostSubject: Re: Cinnabar Island   Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:07 pm

Kotori and I landed onto the open red ground. Instead of seeing the town and large lab we expected, the entire place was desolate. Only a Pokemon Center was left. I felt all hope spill out from me as I fell to my knees. Was this the end? Can I ever find Meloetta?

Kotori put her hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see her smile radiating in the ocean sunlight. "Don't worry," she said. "We're not done yet, right?"

I nodded back. "You're right. Thanks, Kotori." I stood up, feeling a new confidence. Just as I was on my feet, I felt the ground shake. The sound came from above, as I stood staring at a giant boulder rolling towards us. I grabbed Kotori and leapt out of the way in the nick of time. I turned to look above and saw a Magmortar. It was clearly disturbed. I sent out Lucario as Kotori sent out her Marowak. The four of us stood still as we waited for the rogue Pokemon to react. The enraged Magmortar let off a large lava plume across the island.

"Marowak, use bone rush!" Kotori shouted. The Marowak leapt into the air and deflected the fiery rocks. Impressed, I turned back to Lucario and nodded. It was about time we helped out too.

"Lucario, use Vacuum Wave!" and Lucario punched the air with great speed. A gust of compressed air hit the Magmortar, knocking it off of its footing. I climbed up to to it to see that the Magmortar was standing over a small pit near the foothills of the volcano. In the pit sat a small tent. A man emerged from inside it. He wore a lab coat and glasses and adjusted them as he looked towards us. From his aged face I can tell there have been several sleepless nights for him.

"Hello. Sorry for the disturbance but Magmortar and I have faced nothing but bandits and theives for the past few months here. How do you do?"
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Posts : 217
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Location : Cinnabar Island

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PostSubject: Re: Cinnabar Island   Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:18 pm

Dumbstruck from our discovery, Kotori and I stared at a eachother for a split moment. I then walked up to the scientist and shook his hand.

"I'm Fushidara and this is Kotori. We have been in search for a certain Pokemon for some time and our travels have led us to this island. We were surprised to see it so desolate and even more surprised to find a man living in such a state."

The man adjusted his glasses and chuckled. "Well, the only reason your travels must have led you here may be the fact that this island once had a successful Pokemon Laboratory. I was one of the researchers back then."

"Really?" I asked as my heart lightened a bit. "Then maybe you can help me find Meloetta!"

"Meloetta, you say?" The researcher said as he scratched his head. "Sorry, I don't recall any Pokemon by that name. But maybe one of my fellow colleagues have picked up something. Have you talked to Dr. Fuji?"

I averted my eyes downward as a shadow fell over my face. "He passed away before I could talk to him."

"Oh...I'm sorry to hear this. Dr. Fuji was a dear friend of mine. I wish I could've seen him one last time...Well, the only other researcher that comes to mind is Dr. Larson. Dr. Cole Larson was an odd person, though. He researched on Pokemon transformations and such metamorphoses. He never showed any emotion but I felt a strange sense of bloodlust from his presence. Alas, nobody's heard from him since the...incident."

"What incident?" I asked hurriedly.

"...It's nothing we speak of anymore. But after that lab incident, us researchers were disbanded by our sponsors and sent our helpless ways. I heard Dr. Fuji went to live in a quiet town, Dr. Larson seems to have disappeared along with our contact with our previous patrons, and I have been searching for my daughter since that dreadful day."

I paused for a moment, then looked up at the aged scientist's face. "Tell me, who hired you before?"

"Why, Team Rocket of course."

"Then...the incident was..."

"Yes." The scientist sighed. "The Mewtwo catastrophe."

My stomach dropped upon hearing this. The terror of an artificial Pokemon released upon the world was crafted by the hands of this man. " there any chance I can find Dr. Larson? Maybe he's with Team Rocket's develop-"

"Don't find him. I don't know if he's still alive or not, but you'll be lucky to never run into him. However..."

The scientist reached into his bag and revealed an old leather book bound by a black shoelace. "While I was on this island, I found that the old lab and my mansion was burned down. From the rubble I found Dr. Larson's old lab journal. Maybe you can find some use to it."

He tossed it to me and I turned the book to it's cover. The book had a musty ash scent to it and the pages were wrinkled. This has seriously endured the test of time.

"Thank you, Dr..." I paused as I don't think I caught his name.

"Dr. Valentine."

"Thank you, Dr. Valentine," I said as Kotori and I climbed on our Pokemon to take into the Kanto Skies once more.

"Also, Fushidara. If you happen to find my daughter, tell her I love her and that I'm alright."

I nodded back. "Sure thing, Doctor." And we took off.

[exit to Kanto Skies]
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PostSubject: Re: Cinnabar Island   

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Cinnabar Island
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