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 Kamon Surge

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PostSubject: Kamon Surge   Kamon Surge EmptyFri Nov 01, 2013 11:06 pm

Name: Kamon Surge

Age: 17

Badges: All of Johto, Half of Kanto, All of Kalos, Half of Unova

Region: Johto

Starter Pokemon:
*Explained in history

Typholsion- Flame


Like Kamon, this little Cyndaquil was very strange to all the other Cyndaquil around him. He was bullied a lot and made fun of a lot. Right now he is shy and timid, but soon in later years he may become very powerful, bold, and strong in will.

Alakazam- Ace [sorry not changing it, these are Pokemon personal to me]


This little guy has hatched from an egg and is extremely attached to Kamon. Kamon is almost like an egg mate. Much like Kamon's Pokemon it too is timid and unsure of others, other than Kamon. But soon it too will grow into a fine little Pokemon, with a strong will.

Spookie- Gengar


There is something about Kamon that attracts Pokemon. A pheremone of his psychic energy somehow makes them intrigued by him. This little Ghastly found its way linked to his psychic energy. It found itself happily enthralled by the darkness that lies in Kamons heart, but it also has let go of its mischevious ways at it aged.

Esper- Espeon


Curious little Evee found itself lost. It came into the care of Kamon when he found it hurt, some people had hurt it and left it abandoned on the road. It grew to love people again.

A brown hair boy with sea foam green purple eyes. His hair is somewhat long and he is somewhat small at 5'2". He tends to wear two different outfits. Which is a black t-shirt and a green undershirt and khaki capris. Or a suit and a tie.
Exactly like image

Age 11-Started Journey



Age 17 Current Age



It's really hard to pin down Kamon's true personality. When he is alone with his Pokemon he seems like an average child. He seems happy and giggles a lot with his Pokemon. He has a strong connection with all Pokemon and has never battled a wild Pokemon to get them to come with him. He doesn't believe in bullying Pokemon and only lets his Pokemon fight because they said they will for him. But when it comes to people of the same species as him, Kamon is rude and crude. He is short tempered and rude. He doesn't connect to people very well, and he distrust them and dislike them. All except for one, which would Victory his best friend that he mostly grew up. But most people note that Kamon tends to look very sad and very alone. It's as if he pushes people away because he is afraid to get hurt and Victory is the trust he lost in people. Kamon dislikes being known as freak to most people and sometimes he dislikes his own curse. Often times though Kamon is loud, aggressive and can be kind of violent. But not in a sadistic way, more like an arrogant cocky way. He thinks his power can do no wrong and feels everyone should worship who his legacy is. He is striving to become like his parents and wants to be strong as them. Ironically despite Kamon's rebellious nature, he is actually very shy and timid, but uses anger to hide it. He can be short tempered. He dislikes people who hurt others and absolutely detest anyone who beats on anyone weaker then them. He likes Pokemon, and loves Pokemon. His hobbies include Pokemon, and not much else. He also is an excellent at battling and is very strong willed. <---mostly when he was 11, some traits do still exist within him. He can be loud and aggressive, though he has softened up and isn't as hard as he use to be. He has mostly matured throughout the years, now dedicating himself in the ultimate goal to stop Pokemon suffering.


Back then I admit that I wasn't the same person that I am today. I think it was a cacophony of events that allowed me to mature and become someone better. And it became my friendship with one individual in particular that allowed me to grow and mature into who I am today. I'm only seventeen, but I feel years wiser then what I was back then. Back then I was confused and unsure of who I was and my destiny, and the fate that came with that destiny.

I was actually born in the Kanto region, in Lavender town. My mother and father were the infamous gym leaders, Lt. Surge and Sabrina. They loved me dearly and I love them dearly. When I was tiny, I don't remember much. I remember that I believed all Pokemon can speak as we are speaking now and I remember believing everyone could move objects without their hands. My parents were strange because they had such opposite personalities sometimes. My mother was much more calm and my father was loud and ready to rock.

The earliest days I remember was when they put me in a little uniform and dressed me up for school. I was only five, my hair back then was lighter and they always seemed to fight of who I was going to look like when I grew up. But they had fun and seemed very happy. I was happy then too. That was until I understood the tragedies of people and understood people in relationship with my power.

My first day of kindergarten started out in lavender town. The sun was up high and the air was warm. All though there was talk of ghost. Most people took more as a joke, if you weren't and sage. Most people were normal. And most people were already on edge when it came to the child of Sabrina. I walked into the classroom....

The classroom smelled like moldy socks, or something similar. He wasn't sure if it were because the classroom hadn't been cleaned in days or if it were just because of the sheer number of students in the classroom. Already he could feel eyes staring at him. His sea foam purple eyes sparkling in artificial light. He was nervous just as nervous as many of the other students in this classroom. The teacher walked up to him. She was a nice looking lady who was brunette and wore a pair of khakis.

“You must be, Kamon Surge,” she said.

He just nodded.

“Well you're very quiet,” she said, but she seemed nervous of this fact, “How about you find yourself to sit in the circle of friends?”

He noticed most of the students had tried to manage to sit on the Pokemon patterned carpet in a circle. Though none of these children could even manage a circle as they squirmed around, impatiently sitting. He sat down next to two boys his age and smiled at them. They were scared of his eyes, he could tell, almost sense it. The teacher finally came in the middle of the obtuse circle and she sat down in the middle.

“Today is your first day of school,” she said excitedly, “So let's meet and greet. Share a little about yourselves. I'm Mrs. Violet. I'm a teacher. My favorite things are teaching all of you. And my special talent is to make Pokemon sing.”

The students were going down the line. Sharing and giving out their names. The closer it got to his turn the more nervous he felt, even at five, he could feel nervous. He could feel all the eyes of the students on him now.
“I'm Kamon Surge,” he said proudly, “My mother and father are gym leaders. And they are really powerful. My special talent....”

He excitedly went into his backpack and put a notebook, a pencil, and some other random stuff on the floor. His eyes glowed and the objects began to float in the air by themselves. The rest of the class didn't seemed impressed and Mrs. Violet seemed horrified. The objects fell to the floor and he just looked at them. Shouldn't they be impressed? He was after all the son of Sabrina and Lt. Surge. And even at this age he understood their legacy.

The rest of the day at school, was him spending a lot of time being alone from his fellow students. He felt alone, for the first time. His home was the gym of his mothers. He always enjoyed watching her battled before the gym closed down. She flipped her hair and smiled arrogantly.

“Your power was nowhere near mine,” she would say.

She walked up to him and smiled at him.

“How was your first day of school?” she asked.

“Isn't it obvious!” came a loud voice, “He was mighty popular because he's part of me and you!”

He looked over at his father, in army camo and had really spiky hair. He frowned.

“Everyone hates me,” he told them.

“Oh sweetie, what happened?” his mother asked.

“I showed them that I can make objects move without my hands and they were scared, they were suppose to be impressed,”

“You were so impressive, they are scared because they cannot match up to your strength!” his father said with a chuckle before Sabrina took a delicate fist to punch his shoulder.

His father stared at her.

“And what was that for?” he asked.

“Don't give him a false sense of self,” she said, “Kamon, I know that must hurt a great deal. My own parents were scared of me. It's why I want to give you the love you deserve and need so you don't become like me. It will be okay, you will meet someone who will understand and provide you a love that we as parents cannot provide.”

“She put it more eloquently than me,” he said with another laugh, “How about we get out of here, go home, and have some dinner. School will be better tomorrow. Once the kids get to know who you are. It will all be okay.”

His father put his big hands on his head and ruffled his hair. He just smiled at his father happily following his parents home.

Today was a new day. And his mothers words stay deeply with him. He walked into the classroom, a second time. The teacher seemed hesitant of him, and some of the students were a little cautious too. After all he was boy who could life objects with his mind. He saw walking in the classroom today was a Wigglytuff and a Clefable.

“These two are my Pokemon,” she said, “They are going to be our classroom helpers.”

Both Pokemon were helping get the students in a more perfect circle today.

“Sit right here,” Wigglytuff told him pointing a short little arm to an empty spot.

He nodded. He sat where the Wigglytuff directed him. He felt more comfortable today than he did yesterday. His mother's words gave him confidence. The teacher sat in the middle of the classroom with her two Pokemon.

“Today, we will start off with our favorite Pokemon,” Mrs. Violet said, “Mine are Wigglytuff and Clefable.”

They went around the circle again and he didn't feel as nervous today. No one could fault him for liking certain Pokemon. All the other kids talked about Pikachus and Squirtles. They talked about starter Pokemon, and then all fell on him.

“Mine is Alakazam,” Kamon said happily, “My mother has an Alakazam, and he's super powerful. By the final match in the gym, her Alakazam wins nearly all the time. Most people win by luck or bug Pokemon. I want my own Alakazam some day.”

Mrs. Violet kind of nervously laughed.

“Well your Alakazam must evolve first from a tiny Abra,” she said.

“My mother has been friends with hers for a very long, and I know about Pokemon evolution my mom and dad taught me,” Kamon said with a smile.

“Well moving on class, it's time to sing along with Wiggly and Pinky,” she said clapping her hands.

He was confused. Why was it wrong to like Alakazam? What was wrong with his Pokemon choice? Just because he didn't start off with a starter Pokemon like the rest of the kids? Just because he didn't want to be like the rest with their Pikachus and their Bulbasaurs, and their Charmanders. As the students began to sing, he fell silent. He could feel tears. He just liked Alakazam, and he could move objects without hands. Wasn't that cool? Wasn't that okay? His parents were Sabrina and Lt. Surge, shouldn't they respect him more as their child? Shouldn't he be part of their legacy?

Mrs. Violet led the students to sing, even ignoring Kamon crying in the corner of the classroom. But he could feel Clefable and Wigglytuff staring at him. When it was recess time, he sat alone and watched the other kids play. It was Wigglytuff who skulked away from her trainer to Kamon, putting a little short stubby arm on him.

“That wasn't very nice,” Wigglytuff said, “I always thought my trainer was a very nice person. You were very sad. I think you are very kind. You even like Alakazam. But you like all Pokemon equally I get the feeling.”

“You're the only one who understands,” Kamon said.

“I am sorry people have deeply hurt you, even my own trainer,” Wigglytuff said, “But it will be okay. I promise. You will meet someone who will want to get to know who you are.”

Kamon nodded and Wiggly stopped talking for a second when it saw another young boy begin to walk up to Kamon. Kamon stared at the freckly face boy who wore glasses. He smiled at Kamon and Kamon smiled at him.

“You're cool,” the boy with glasses said, “I'm Timothy.”

“Kamon Surge,” he said.

His mother's words were right. He had met someone. Someone actually called him cool. He was so happy.

“Want to play with us?” he asked.

“Sure!” Kamon said excitedly.

Timothy led him into a group of boys, who were all a bit on the large size. Timothy was like the brains of the operation, while the rest were merely muscle. Machamps and a Alakazam.

“So freak,” said one of them, “None of the freak stuff. Cause it would be unfair.”

“I can play fair,” Kamon said.

“So, we're playing tag,” said another one, “And you're it.”

They all ran from Kamon, but Kamon understood the rules of tag and ran after them. They were much faster than him. He was starting to get the feeling this was the point of the game. They already knew they were much faster than him. Yesterday, he was the slowest kid to run laps. He was starting to feel that they were messing around with him.

He scowled. They didn't want to play with him. They just wanted to play with him. Kamon felt mad for the first time. His eyes began to glow and he allowed his psychic energy to be released. Timothy fell down to the ground, tripping over a rock.

Timothy began to cry, Mrs. Violet ran over.

“Timothy you should be more careful,” Mrs. Violet said.

“I didn't....trip..” Timothy said he pointed to Kamon, “He did it with his weird powers.”

“You don't have any evidence,” Mrs. Violet said.

“I saw him do it,” said another kid who wasn't even playing the game.
“I did too,” said another who wasn't even part of the situation.

The classroom became a chorus of pointing fingers. Kamon was confused and angry, why were they blaming him? He didn't trip Timothy. Before he could trip Timothy, Timothy tripped on his own. He could feel his energy bubbling up.

“Leave me alone!” he cried out.

As he did so, several of the small play objects began to gravitate around him. Even the sand in the sand box. He threw the objects at the classroom with just the will of his mind before he ran off. He could feel tears. He just wanted to be alone, so he ran out into the wild of the brush so no one could find him.

He sat near a tree and began to cry by himself. He could sense they had been joking with him. He could sense that it was all game and they meant to be mean to him. He knew that they purposely chose that game to harm him. And he got in trouble for nothing. Why was he born a freak?

He closed his eyes and when he woke up again it was pitch black. He was alone in the wilderness, at night. But wild Pokemon had never bothered him. They always seemed tamed by his abilities. But he didn't know how to get home. He heard voices in the distance.

“Ka..mon!” said a voice exasperated and tired.

“Kamon!” said another voice.

Kamon picked himself up and began to walk through the brush. Guided by the voices of his parents. He saw them. His mother looked tired, worn, and even a little sad. She didn't know what to do if she lost her only son. She crumpled in Surge's arms and began to cry.

“Mom, dad,” Kamon said running towards them.

Sabrina and Surge looked shocked, but happy. His mother grabbed him and hugged him tightly. She was happy, but crying.

“Kamon I was so worried,” she said, “Don't ever run off like that again.”

“We heard what happened little one,” his father said, “I'm sorry that happened. It wasn't your fault. You were deeply hurt. The Wigglytuff told us the real story. I'm so sorry kido. You're my little soldier, so you're going to be tougher than those punks.”

“It's my fault,” Sabrina said.

“Don't blame yourself for our son being special with a gift,” Surge said, “He has a gift and that gift will help this world some day. Then people will feel like idiots.”

A couple years had passed, he was eight, but things never changed. The school children were afraid of him and only Pokemon ever understood him. His parents gave him the love that no one else could provide. School was the same. Life was the same, go to school and be isolated, come home and be drowned in his parents love. But he didn't mind. Soon, in two years he could go on the adventure of becoming a Pokemon trainer and really live up to his parents legacy.
He came home from school and Sabrina ran up to him, hugging him tightly. His mother seemed very very happy today.

“I have some good news,” she said with a smile, “A friend of Oaks, Professor Elm called us today. Your father and I, asking if you would like to be part of his research. You see, Oak wants to record information of all the wonderful new Pokemon that we discovered. In two years they'd give you a Pokedex, and you'd discover new Pokemon!”

“Really!” Kamon said excitedly.

“Really,” his father said coming out from the corner of one of the rooms, “You could become grand the way you were born into this world.”

“I want to do it!” Kamon said.

“But...” his mother said, “It's all the way in Johto love. You wouldn't be here in Kanto.”

But it would mean living up to his parents name. That made him excited. Of course he wouldn't be near his parents, but he could finally live up to their legacy and their name. Then when he would say he was the son of Sabrina and Lt. Surge people would revere him. They would actually hear his name and think of the legends he created.

“You guys live inside of me,” he said, “I have your blood and your powers. I can become like you! Grand! Legendary!”

Surge laughed and ruffled his hair.

“Sometimes you remind me of me, you have passion and drive. If this is really what you want, then we'll both support it. We want you to become Legendary! Grand! AMAZING!” his father said with a chuckle.

“Try to be nice to the people in Johto,” his mother said, “We hear about all your little fights at school...”

“Well the kids at school are mean and they don't understand who I am,” Kamon said.

“That's the spirit,” his father said.

“I don't think...all well...Kamon then we'll call Elm and tell him your decision, we love you, always I will call you everyday,”

“Okay!” Kamon said.

“Make use proud!” Surge said.

He traveled by boat from Kanto to Johto. To live with a friend from his fathers. His parents gave him an egg, which he carried with him. He could tell by the markings and the patterns it was an Abra egg. He snuggled with it during the night and talked to it during the day. Johto was a lot different than Kanto, but he was pleased. He was greeted by his father's friend, who turned out to be an aunt of a short stubby boy, she hugged him tightly.

“You're cuter in person,” she said, “Surge has showed me all kinds of pictures of you. But this is the first time I am going to see you in the flesh. And you're adorable. And who is this little guy?”

“I'm Victory, we're friends now!”

She stared at the egg. Kamon was taken aback by the yellow eyed boy.

“This is Ace,” Kamon said happily, “Because it's an Abra and I love Abras, especially when they turn into Alakazams.”

“Aww, how sweet, well I bet you and Ace are very tired, let's go home and tomorrow you can talk with Elm and Oak,” she said.


His aunt home was quite close to the Elm lab. But not right next door. That didn't bother him. Snuggling Ace into some blankets, he went to sleep. Though his sleep was interrupted by child like excitement and glee. He was to happy to sleep. The next morning he bounded out of bed and got ready quickly. Grabbing Ace he ran down the stairs.

“You're still eight, and you are as excited as if this is the start of your Pokemon adventure,” his aunt said, “You have to have breakfast first.”

Kamon nodded. He sat at the table, and took his time with breakfast which was oatmeal, but he didn't mind. Breakfast seemed to take to damn long. Getting out of the chair, he was practically reeling to go.

“Okay okay we can go to the lab,” she said.

He followed his aunt out of the home and towards the lab. There he saw an old man and a younger looking man talking over a Pokedex.

“Here he is the prodigal son, Kamon Surge,” she said.

“Hello Kamon, I am professor Oak,” said the old guy.

“We talked on the phone,” Elm said.

“I know who you both are! I read all the books!” Kamon said.

“Well that's good, it's nice when young people read,” Oak said with a laugh, “You look just like your parents. Now Kamon, you're eight and have two years before your first journey. But we already knew we needed someone of your caliber for these newer Pokedex. Things are changing in the Pokemon world and we needed someone with significant gifts to be able to help us with this project.”

“We believe your psychic powers are the key to unlocking something in this world,” Elm said.

“I just want to be like my parents,” Kamon said.

They both laughed.

“Now,” Elms said gathering some empty Poke Balls, “I am going to go gather the starter Pokemon before the two young ones I talked about were ready to start their journey.”

“Kamon would you like to come? You will be in safe care with us both,” Oak said.

“I'd love to come!” Kamon said excitedly.

His aunt smiled and hugged him.

“I'll be waiting at home,” she said.

Following Oak and Elm into the brush, it felt like they had been walking for an eternity. When they finally stopped at some hidden grove.

“Now where we are going is a special place,” Elm said, “They are pretty much use to me, but you're new and they don't know you. So do be careful.”

Inside the hidden brush were three little tiny baby Pokemon.

“This is Chikorita, this is a Cyndaquil, and this is a Totodile,” Elm said, “They were orphaned and I found them here. I have been trying to gain their trust before taking them back to the lab. Kamon you'll scare them....”

Kamon walked up to three Pokemon, who perked up when they saw him.

“Are you friend?” Chikorita asked.

“You smell like a Pokemon,” Totodile said.

“Oh,” Cyndaquil said hiding behind Chikorita.

“My name is Kamon,” he said, “That's Elm. And this is Ace. He's an egg still. But he will hatch and become powerful one day.”

“That's so cool,” Totodile said.

“I came out of an egg,” Chikorita said.

“Fascinating you can understand them?” Elm asked.

“Yes, that's right....normal people can't,” Kamon said, “They are excited like children.”

He turned to them.

“Would you like go with Elm?” Kamon asked, “You will get plenty more food and he will treat you nice. Then you'll meet someone like me, who will love you a lot. And they will make you big and strong.”

“Okay!” Chikorita said.

“Food!” Totodile said.

“O...okay,” Cyndaquil said shyly.

“They'll come with you!” Kamon said.

“That's wonderful!” Elm said.

“You have to go inside of those, but you get to come out right afterward,” Kamon said.

“We will we will!” the three said in a sing song way.

Kamon smiled. They would get nice homes soon. A year passed and Kamon was as wild as the Johto region itself. He was probably the only kid to wonder into the wild without a Pokemon. Ace still hadn't hatched, but that was okay. He knew it would be all better if Ace had another Pokemon with him anyway. Kamon had learned to traverse the wilds of the Pokemon world. Against the will of the adults.

It was just another day in the breezy growth of the wilds. He enjoyed the chill and enjoyed the grass. Most Pokemon seemed more intrigued with him than they did want to fight with him. He began to distaste being with other people because they just were afraid of who he was. Except one person, his name was Victory. But he was just as much of a wild child as Kamon was. Always appearing and disappearing again.

It was suppose to be like any other day. Wondering the wild woods, but this time he heard some crying. Kamon wondered who it could belong to. Guiding himself to the sound of crying, he saw a little Cyndaquil all by its lonesome. He could feel the Cyndaquil's loneliness and sadness. He could feel it was alone.

“What's wrong?” Kamon asked.

Startled the Cyndaquil hid behind a tree trunk, but Kamon could see him still. Peeking out from the tree trunk it stared at him.

“Who are you?” Cyndaquil asked.

“Kamon,” he said.

“You can hear me?”

“Clear as day, why are you crying?” Kamon asked.

“I was playing with the rest of the other Cyndaquil, and they left me alone. We were suppose to play hide n seek. They told me to hide and never came back,”

“I'm bullied too,” Kamon said,  “Kids my age, don't like me. Not even the adults. I'm a freak.”

“You aren't I like you, you smell like a Pokemon,” Cyndaquil said.

“I have special powers, that aren't like a normal human being,” Kamon said, “So people are scared of me.”

“I get made fun of because I'm really shy and timid, and I am not as strong as the other Cyndaquil,”

“I don't believe that for a second,” Kamon said, “You're the strongest Cyndaquil. They are just jealous of who you are. Just like most people are jealous that I am the son of the greatest people in the world.”

“You're right my mommy and daddy are really strong,” Cyndaquil said.


“But I want to prove that I am just a strong as them,” Cyndaquil said, “Who is in the egg?”

“His name is Ace, he is an Abra, but he hasn't come out yet,” Kamon said.

“I want to see an Abra!” Cyndaquil said excitedly.

“Abras have special powers like me,”

“I want to see,”

“You have to wait for it to hatch,”

“I want to wait, I run away from home and go with you,”

“Shouldn't you tell your parents?” Kamon asked, “I'll wait. If they love you, then they will support what you wish.”

“Okay! I'll be back!”

Kamon sat on the grass holding Ace close to him. His parents loved him and called him everyday. It didn't take to long for two big Cyndaquils to appear with the little one.

“We are Typholsion mom and dad, our son says he wants to go with you,” the father said.

“Yep,” Kamon said.

“You promise to keep him safe?” Mother Tyophlsion asked.

“I promise!” Kamon said, “Cause I want to be as strong as my parents too.”

“Then we will let you have our son,” Typholsion father said, “We love you Cyndaquil.”

The group snuggled together and Kamon smiled happily. The two Typholsions walked off and Cyndaquil stared at him. Kamon took out a Pokeball.

“You have to get in this so that way no one can catch you, but then I'll take you out and we'll never use it again,” Kamon said.

“Okay,” Cyndaquil popped into the Pokeball.

“Now you can come out,” Kamon said, “There now we are going to be together forever. Do you have a name?”

“Just Cyndaquil,”

“We'll just have to set you apart from the rest, how about Flame?” Kamon asked.

“I love it!”

That night, Flame followed him home and his aunt looked more than surprised. But didn't question it. Simply shrugged her shoulders and gave Flame some food too. When they went to bed, they heard something beginning to crack. The egg opened up and there was a small little Abra from the shells.

“Ace!” Kamon said.

“It hatched!” Flame said excitedly, “I have a friend.”

“Kamom,” Ace said.

Kamon giggled.

“No, Kamon, it's okay you'll learn to talk, I'll teach you,” Kamon said.

A year passed and he was ten. Him and his two Pokemon now set on their journey with his friend Victory. Back then I knew nothing. Back then I was high strung and I didn't comprehend the world around me. But after watching the painful things of Team Rocket and Team Plasma and all the Teams that want to destroy this world all I feel is the pain and sorrow of this world.

Legendary Pokemon: Lugia
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It seems well written for the parts you did include, but im a bit concerned about letting you start with a legendary pokemon.
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I'm sorry I may have confused you. That was for future reference. Not really he's starting with it. Though I'd like to include that he has had time with said Pokemon a few times. Considering Luiga, Mewtwo, and Slowking have all been shown to talk telepathic. The Legendary Pokemon isn't his starter Pokemon.

It seemed kind of Obvious or else I would have included it in the profile section Starter Pokemon. I didn't. That is the Pokemon he encountered on his journey, he had encounter Luiga.
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So what is he? a gym leader or a trainer?
you didn't specifiy in your intro.
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You mean the title. He's the heir to either of his parents Gym.

He runs a Gym, but not a E4 gym. He runs a Trainers Gym. It's an Optional Gym in Johto that trains trainers and their Pokemon for Gym like battles. Beat him and you get an optional badge
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Alrighty. Oh and what City?
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Most likely Goldenrod considering it the bigger of the cities and can be easily developed.
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