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 On the topic of Legendaries

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Posts : 220
Join date : 2012-07-17
Age : 20
Location : New Bark Town

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Role: Trainer

PostSubject: On the topic of Legendaries   Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:55 pm

Alright, I just had quite the skirmish about a certain trainer obtaining a Shiny Suicune when he hasn't got a single badge and nothing but a few pokemon. So, how about this.


[** - Note, Title is, basically, any pokemon that has been on the front cover of a game and a Pokemon the same caliber as them. This does not include RBGY.

TRAINERS: BABY LEGENDARIES ONLY. Also, only after the 5th Gym. [Phione, Manaphy, Victini, Jirachi, Shaymin, etc.]

ROCKET ADMINS: SIDE LEGENDARIES and lower. With a valid reason/worked to get it. [Heatran, Latios, Cresselia, Deoxys, etc.]

GYM LEADERS: TRIO and lower. With a valid reason/worked to get it. [Regice, Articuno, Suicune, Azelf, etc.]

ELITE FOUR AND CHAMPION: TITLE and lower. Must be included in a backstory/work hard to get it. [Giratina, Kyurem, Regigigas, Meloletta, Rayquaza, Darkrai, etc.]

BIG LEGENDARIES: Only applicable when obtained in the active story. Requires an extensive amount of threading, as well as the required in-game items for them. [Complete list - Arceus, Mewtwo, Kyurem-B, Kyurem-W. Also, any complete duo/trio of legendaries.]
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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

Posts : 960
Join date : 2012-05-13
Age : 25
Location : Azalea Town

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PostSubject: Re: On the topic of Legendaries   Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:01 pm

This is a great idea I second it.
Arceus should be the hardest to catch imo. I mean it is the God of pokemon.
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On the topic of Legendaries
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