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 Safari Zone Storage

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PostSubject: Safari Zone Storage   Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:09 pm

A secret area that was abandoned in the Safari Zone construction due to frozen foods being found unneeded and unnecessary. Mariel found this in her travels when her then-newly-caught Dratini tested a Dragon Rage near the wall, and refurbished it without anyone knowing by using her psychic ability to cloak the place as a normal wall. once she thought it was safe, she attached a hydroelectric generator to a waterfall in the Route nearby, starting the cold again and renewing a wall with the keyhole that looked like a small crack.

She used this place as a glorified refrigerator when she was in Johto, but when she caught a Kyurem, Mariel used the basement to keep it in there in secret, putting up a psychic silence once again. As of now, a Kyurem rests inside a storage box, sleeping soundly as it awaits it's food and companionship of it's trainer.
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CEO Miyuki


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PostSubject: Re: Safari Zone Storage   Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:31 pm

"Heh." She smirked at the corner of the wall, sword implanted in the ground, left leg heisted up to bend, the other just straight. Her left arm was relaxed on the corresponding leg, right hand touching the ground.The E4 member liked these moments, when she was calm and there was a giant world-destroying dragon eating from HER hand, being HER friend. Yep. Mariel quite liked them. But... an alarm sounded in her mentality, her mother instincts multiplied by ten by her psychic powers. The kid... went unconscious? She sensed his area. New Bark Town, looks like. Hurrying quickly, she rang Elm. "Elm! You busy? I don't care, I'm coming! My baby needs me! I'm flying, bye!"

After yelling the commands, Kyurem looked at her expectantly. An adventure? She better take him. Mariel looked at Kyurem. No immediate flying Pokemon other than him. Well...

Opening a laptop she has in hammerspace, she placed Dragonair's pokeball on the mousepad, the pokeball teleporting to the PCs. Returning the apparent mobile Pokecenter computer away, she reached for a Premier Ball that was hidden in between her breasts. (Safest place to put it.) Kyurem's ball. "Well, old boy, if we're going to go take care of my kid, we're going to go with style." Kyurem nodded and got in. The albino woman, once Kyurem got in, sprinted up the stairs and into the Safari Zone.
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Safari Zone Storage
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