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 Grunt Leonidas

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Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Grunt Leonidas    Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:15 pm

Name: Leonidas
Rank: Grunt
Age: 18
Apperance: (with his riding suit off) with it on.
Favorite Pokemon: Eevvee
Back Story:Leonidas is from Phenac City all the way in the Orre Region and He was a Rider. He loved to ride Cross Region on His motor bike with his eevvee in the side car. He Loved battling everyone he saw and entered every tournament to test his strength; Most of the time he won. On one of his bike rides he met a guy that told him about A motorcycle gang down in Pyrite Town and he decided to check it out. He fell in love with them and joined them rather quickly, They rode Cross region a lot and Leo got to meet a lot of new people and battled a lot of people too which made him a lot stronger. A year later he became the chapter Vice President of the Lost Motorcycle Club, a.k.a. The Lost, The lost MC, or TLMC. It was a well know biker gang that eventually gained control of Pyrite town and then After the President Retired Leo became the president. He Helped build up the Gang to a sizable amount and it's power even Rivaled Cipher, the biggest gang in Orre, and after Ciphers Collapse by a kid with what looked like an automail arm named Micheal; The lost mc rose to the top. After a while in the lost Leo wanted to see other places in the world So He left the gang in control of the new vice president and headed out for Johto. Landing at Goldenrod InterNational airport He noticed all the team rocket propaganda around and thought it'd be cool to join another gang while he was out here. He went to the goldenrod recruiting Center and signed up. He passed all his tests but was a little disappointed when he found out that he was given the rank of Grunt in the under ground base In Goldenrod City.
Important Items of Note: His motor cycle from his home region that he built with the help of a few of his friends. His riding goggles/Glasses.o His rocket uniform and ID. and His most important item the snag machine

Pokemon Team: (when he was in orre as the president Houndoom, Flygon, Umbreon, Espeon, Arcanine, and Typloshion)
As a Grunt: (current) Eevvee .

Personality: Being Raised in a peacefull town He Didn't like violence much but he's Loves to battle people and most of the time He won't take no for an answer. One of the ways to piss him off though is to mess with his bike with out him saying you can. That's like his brother to him. He really never was bother if you hit him or attacked him; You could be the eff out of him but if you touched one of his brothers, his bike, or his friends. You could be damn sure he will find you. To His brothers (that's what he called his fellow lost members) He treated them like family. He's generally a nice person though and he is Very Loyal.

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Silver Evans

Posts : 960
Join date : 2012-05-13
Age : 24
Location : Azalea Town

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Role: Elite Four

PostSubject: Re: Grunt Leonidas    Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:33 pm

Finished and approved
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Grunt Leonidas
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