Cross the Pokemon World on a journey.
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Welcome to Pokemon Kingdom. Don't forget to check the announcements and Role play announcements Often.
Silver says: I'm always on here even if it says I'm not I'm on here, So if you need something and I'm not in the chat box just pm me it and I'll get to it asap.
For New members, Please tell us how you found us. It can be found in the announcement thread.
There are still Gymleader Spots open You can choose any type and town that isn't taken in that region.
Team Rocket needs you! Sign up at your nearest Recruitment Center.

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Trainer Card

 Role : Trainer
 Pokemon Team :
Pokemon TeamPokemon NameLevelAttack 1Attack 2Attack 3Attack 4Nature
Slot 1Riolu14Aura SphereEndureShadow ClawVacuum WaveTimid
Slot 2Rattata11TackleBiteQuick AttackFocus EnergyJolly
Slot 3Clefairy12DoubleslapSingIce BeamEncoreCalm
Slot 4Growlithe12Morning SunBiteEmberRoarAdamant
Slot 5Petilil7Sleep PowderLeech SeedGrowthAbsorbTimid
Slot 6       
 Item Bag :
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