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 Route One

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Silver Evans

Posts : 960
Join date : 2012-05-13
Age : 24
Location : Azalea Town

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PostSubject: Route One    Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:56 am

Route One

Route 1 is a short north-south path located in west Kanto. Its northern end is at
Viridian City and its southern end is at Pallet Town.

Heading north from Pallet Town, Trainers must make their way around a large but very primitive route, that will become, trainers starting in kanto, their very first route they will explore on their journey. The route is riddled with large patches of tall grass, and ledges that contour from far east to all to the far west, blocking off most of the route making it hard to travel north, only to have small gaps by which the road has been broken into it.

Heading south from Viridian City, Trainers can either hop down ledges to completely avoid any contact with wild Pokémon on their way to Pallet Town or they can travel through the grass patches, the required path for northbound travel. Following the grass-lined path, the route turns east then south as it enters the first patch. After a small break, the path of the route enters another patch of grass as the route turns west. Route 1 then makes an "S", turning to the south, then to the east before returning south and west, passing through the third grassy area. The path then juts south, entering another patch before curving to the east then to the south as it enters Pallet.
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!mai valentine!


Posts : 15
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PostSubject: Re: Route One    Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:15 pm

deciding to leave pallet town after checking on her aunt and getting a super reple from her aunt she leaves to go to route 1 so she can get to viradin city and pick up supplys from the mart befor she goes off on her adventure
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Satoshi Yuon


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PostSubject: A new journey   Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:21 pm

Satoshi was 10 years old and he chose squirtle to be his starter pokemon. He walked through route 1 with squirtle out of its pokeball while fighting off pidgey rattata and on the odd occasion a spearow or two. IN his bag he had 10 potions, 10 pokeballs and a few other useful items for a jouney. he knew it would be hard but with his partner splashy (squirtle) he knew he could do it
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Satoshi Yuon


Posts : 314
Join date : 2012-10-25
Age : 22
Location : Azalea Town

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PostSubject: Homeward bound   Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:56 pm

*Satoshi was walking down Route 1 as he got more nervous with every step. He felt like throwing up as he was really anxious seeing his parents after running out on them. He felt like he couldn't go on but he heard a voice.* 'Don't worry. Go on and do what you need to do' *He thought it was in his head but he still done it anyways. He arrived at the outskirts of Pallet town where you could see his family mansion. He was back home again.

(Exit to Pallet town)
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PostSubject: Re: Route One    

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Route One
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