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 Celadon City

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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Celadon City   Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:15 pm

Celadon City

Celadon City is located in central Kanto. It is the largest city in Kanto and the eighth largest in the world, surpassing even Saffron City in the east. The city has two entrances, one from the east via Route 7, and one from the west via Route 16. Celadon is the main place to spend money in Kanto, through the Celadon Department Store and the Celadon Game Corner. Celadon City is the home of the Celadon Condominiums where residents of the city live and the Celadon Hotel where visitors can rest.

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PostSubject: Re: Celadon City   Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:03 pm

After a long flight across the sky, I noticed that it became night. I returned Sazandora to his Pokeball, equally exhausted from the flight. I strolled through the streets, hushed to a calm murmur as people went about their business with friends and loved ones. A place in particular was as loud as ever. The Game Corner has always been bustling with activity 24/7. I heard that the place was clean after the incident involving Team Rocket. Rumors still say that Team Rocket controls the facility but the lack of trouble leads me to believe that there isn't any criminal conspiracy connected there. But the Pokemon trafficking bothers me.

I found my way to an apartment complex. It's been here for ages, but the paint tells me that it endured the trial of time very well. I turned the door handle slowly and found my way inside. There sat an old lady, drinking tea. I nodded to her, as she nodded back.

"Well well well," she smiled, showing a mess of wrinkles on her face. "It's been a while, hasn't it, brat?"

I smiled back. "Yes, yes it has. Good evening, Baa-chan."

She noticed the fatigue on my face. "Oh my, you seem to have had a long trip. Why don't you rest and tell me all about it in the morning? I'll fix some tea then so we can have a nice long chat."

I nodded in agreement. "Thank you." She led me to a room with a single bed. I collapsed immediately.
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PostSubject: Re: Celadon City   Mon May 06, 2013 9:24 pm

The morning sun shone through the window as I opened my drowsy eyes. It felt nice to sleep quietly for once. The warmth over my body was quite relaxing. Particularly my right side felt warm and heavy, which is odd...

I turned my head to see that a half-naked girl, around my age, was clutching my arm as she slept. All she had was a white dress shirt, half unbuttoned and revealing the top of her breasts. I didn't dare look anymore. The way she gently breathed and lay her head on the pillow kept me paralyzed where I was. What should I do?! I panicked to myself. She then stirred and rubbed her eyes. With her silky blue hair still over her eyes, she realized the situation. Her eyes widened.

"Uwaaa!! What are you doing in my room!?"

"Y-your room? The old lady said this is a guest room!" I panicked back. She quickly glanced around the room.

"Kyaaa!!! You're right!! I'm so so so sorry!" she bowed frantically.

I was about to apologize back when my eyes spotted her attire. I turned the other way with my face as red as a beet. "N-no, it's not your fault! B-But could you fix your clothes first?"

She looked down and screamed in embarrassment.


"I-I'm sorry for my shameful appearance earlier," she said meekly. "I work late at the Department store and usually fall right to sleep. I sometimes mistake this room for my room next door."

"It's fine. But we probably shouldn't speak about this again for a while." as I turned my head. The image of her sleeping next to me didn't seem to leave my mind very easily.

"Y-yeah..." she said as she turned her head back. Both of our faces were still red from that incident.

"Geez. You youngsters don't know a good moment if it hit you right in the face." popped the grandmother from behind us. We both jumped back in surprise.

"B-baa-chan, that's not it at all!! Don't make such unnecessary and shameless remarks!" the girl complained back. Baa-chan? Is she the old lady's granddaughter? I then noticed that she seemed so embarrassed her eyes were tearing up. It might be helpful to change the subject. I turned to the girl and bowed my head.

"I apologize but I haven't introduced myself yet. My name's Fushidara."

She bowed back. "My name's Kotori. Pleasure to meet you." Her eyes averted to the side when she faced me. My face flared up as I looked away as well.

The old lady scoffed. "Peh, keep that up and you'll end up all alone."

"Baa-chan~ Crying or Very sad ," Kotori cried. I should really change the subject now.


I explained what has happened so far to the two of them. I explained what's happened in Southwestern Kanto to the incident Ecruteak City. I even explained the mystery I was pursuing: about Meloetta. The old lady finally spoke after my long story.

"Well, aren't you crazy. Searching for an Unovan legend in the Kanto Region. But the best place to go from here is in Lavander Town. I'm sure an old geezer over there would know something."

I nodded in gratitude. "Thank you, Baa-chan. I'll stop again when I can."

"Wait, sonny. Take Kotori with you."

Both Kotori and I jumped back in astonishment. "EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Celadon City   Sat May 11, 2013 3:01 pm

The old lady simply sipped her teacup. "Kotori has lived in Celadon City her entire life. It's healthy for her to go out into the world, but I don't want her going alone. Who knows what sort of hooligan thugs are out lurking out there? It's bad enough here when that Team Rocket under Giovanni was around."

Kotori had an uneasy look on her face. She seemed to want to come along, but was had alot of reserves about doing so.

"B-but I still have my job at the Department Sto-"

"Quit or something." the old lady replied. So sudden! "It's a dead-end job and you have enough money saved. A chance like this is more rewarding to you."

"B-but what about Fushi? I'm sure I would be a bother to him." Kotori said as she faced me.

"N-not at all. I wouldn't mind it if you came along as well."

"So it's settled then," said the old lady. "You're going and Fushidara will watch for you."

Kotori faced me, flushed as well and bowed her head. "I'll be in your care." I nodded in response and quickly turned to go out the door. "Get ready to go in 30 minutes. Tell the Department Store as well."

As I stood outside, I looked up at the sky. Clear, blue, and almost free. Maybe that's what the Grandmother saw as Kotori worked day in and day out in this city.

I drifted off to sleep and awoke to see Kotori before me. She had a neat attire and looked ready for our adventure. I smiled back and got off my feet. I sent out Sazandora and looked back to see if she wanted a ride. Surprisingly, she had a Skarmory with her. She grinned back as the two of us flew to Lavender Town.

[exit to Lavender Town]

Back in the apartment building, the old lady sat by herself with an Eevee. She sighed. "Atleast now you'll have someone strong to protect you when it happens..."
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yarashi kaminato
yarashi kaminato

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PostSubject: Re: Celadon City   Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:08 pm

A loud roar echoed through the city as Yarashi's Salamance closed in. Yarashi, riding on it's back, had all his thought's on the mystical flute that his first mother had used to call all kinds of Pokemon towards her. "I have to get under that Gam Corner venue, if I member correctly." Salamance laded in front of the Pokemon center an Yarashi returned it to it's Poke'ball. "This is it .."

Yarashi made his way to the Game Corner. He couldn't help but smile when he entered. Seeing the arcade games made him remember his days as a young trainer. He would always play the arcade games from each region as a break from his intense training. "I can't dwell in the past for too long. I need to get that flute." He walked up to the door where the old poster had been, and sent out his Scraffty. "I can't trust that even now, the Rockets don't just let normal people past here easy, Scraffty! knock open that door with Drain Punch!"

Scraffty swung it's fist at the door, making it's lock inside break. The door creaked open. Scraffty jumped up onto Yarashi's back and propped itself there, giving a quick and confident cry. Yarashi stepped into the doorway and made his way downstairs. "We can get this done quick, my friend", Yarashi said to the eager Pokemon. As Yarashi entered the underground sector, he walked the halls as if he knew exactly where to go. He had the underground sector memorized from the time he infiltrated it the first time around. "The flute should be back here ..." Yarashi entered a room with a desk placed in the middle, A small box with a note attacked to it as on the desk.

Yarashi picked up the box and opened it, revealing a type of conch-shell-fashioned flute. "This is the one ... I'll read the note later." Yarashi pulled the note off of the box, and placed the flute and note in his bag. "Lets go." Yarashi darted back, not thinking about what might happen around him. He reached the stares again and ran up. If there was anyone still down there, they would have easily noticed him on the return trip.

Yarashi slowed to a walk as he exited the Game Corner, returning Scraffty. "Told 'ya so.". Yarashi sent out Zapdos and jumped on the bird. "Adventure awaits at every turn, but for now, lets return home." Zapdos accended into the sky.

[Exit to Kanto skies.]
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PostSubject: Re: Celadon City   

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Celadon City
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