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 Saffron Gym Leader/Silph Co. CEO - Miyuki Muon

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PostSubject: Saffron Gym Leader/Silph Co. CEO - Miyuki Muon   Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:29 am

Files accessing..._ 23%... 60%... 87%...

100%. Files accessed._

Displaying known information and attached data under Miyagi Muon, CEO of Silph Company._

[filepage_1, attached as "basic information"]
GIVEN NAME: Miyagi Muon
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
AREA OF BIRTH: Saffron City
CURRENT AREA: Saffron City
OCCUPATION: Gym Leader, Pokemon Trainer, Silph Company CEO
TRAINER TYPE: Psychic, Gym Leader, Silph CEO


BADGES: Saffron (Leader), All Kanto, All Johto, Forest Badge, Beacon Badge, Cobble Badge, Icicle Badge
PASSPORT: All League Regions*, Orre
RELATIVES: Yuuki Muon (Father), Mikuru Muon (Mother), Mariel Silencia (First Cousin, once removed), Mikona Silencia (second cousin)

* - League_Regions are sectioned as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova.

[filepage_2, attached as "history"]

-Born in Saffron on 7/12 to Yuuki and Mikuru Muon.

-Realized and begun training psychic powers at age 4.

-Begun experience in economics and corporate business at age 7 when given 100 pokedollars to use wisely; later on her friend had a failing grade in school. Bribed the teacher by dealing with him and actually begun earning money due to a loophole in the agreement.

-befriended a Porygon at age 9 while calculating her allowance in order to make more.

-Became registered as a trainer at age 10, with the Porygon as her starter. A second pokemon, Natu, was also given to her due to a Psychic family tradition.

-Continued training within Saffron City. At age 14, the now-prodigious Miyuki boasted a large amount of power over Saffron's trainer market by mass-producing and selling Pokeballs at a cheaper price, sending them to strategic locations all over the city, through her own brand named "Porygon Incorperated". This caused a loss of value in the aging Silph Co.

-Porygon was now a Porygon2 and Natu evolved to Xatu at age 15. Also, while attending a Silph sponsered catching contest held in Four Island in order to boost Porygon Inc.'s public relations, Miyuki caught a Lapras. This contest also boosted Silph-Porygon relation, and gave the current CEO the affermation that they needed Miyuki in order to modernize the old Silph.

-Later that year, Miyuki joined Porygon into Silph, "Porygon" now a wide branch of Silph concerning modernization, quality control, and localization. Though this received a negative backlash at first, Miyuki modernized and idealized parts Silph into a bustling, new company while raising the monopoly over Kanto-Johto Pokeballs as well as branching into Sinnoh.

-At age 16, the CEO of Silph passed away of old age. In his will he left Miyuki as the new CEO of Silph. Using this power, Miyuki made a deal with Devon to cross-incorporate. Devon received a grand amount of positive result, and Silph now stretched from Kanto to Sinnoh.

-Later that year, during a family reunion, Miyuki met her cousins, the legendary Mariel Silencia and her child Mikona Silencia. She gave Mikona the TM for Shadow Ball as a gift, as well as consulted Mariel upon her role in a Psychic family. After consultation, she announced a Silph-sponsored, half-year catching event that stretched from Kanto to Sinnoh in order to test their new production line of Poke Balls, herself participating.

-Age 17, in the middle of the catching events, Miyuki burned through Kanto, Johto, and half of the Sinnoh gyms while catching several Pokemon, including an extensive amount of Psychic types.

-Age 17, end of catching event. Miyuki has all the badges of Kanto, Sinnoh, and half the Sinnoh badges. Added to her main team are the newly evolved Porygon-Z, Rotom-H, Bronzong, and Starmie.

-At Age 18, the Saffron Gym Leader stepped down. Miyuki applied to be the successor. This decision may be created from her talk with Mariel 2 years before, and also might have been one of her own lersonal reasons for the 6-month catching event. Due to her political power, personal abilities, and battle prowess, she was chosen to take the gym test. Passing, Miyuki was then appointed as Saffron Gym Leader. Her team consists of a member of the Natu family, a member of the Bronzor family, a member of Staryu family, and a member of the Meditite family, the lattermost being a nod to the Fighting Dojo. Upon reaching 6 Badges, she brings in a Porygon-Z. For trainers with 8 badges, Miyuki uses her actual team. Renovations are beginning to be made.

-Age 20. Extremist remnants of the old Team Rocket attempted to assault the CEO office of Silph via flying pokemon. Miyuki shot them all down with a combination of Porygon-Z's Hyper Beam and Rotom's Thunderbolt, only letting a single Rocket survive the crash in order to interrogate him personally. After obtaining knowledge on the Rocket Remnant's HQ on Cinnibar, she promptly flew there and destroyed half the island wiping them out. This telegraphed her sense of personal revenge and utter power to most of Kanto, as well as her business competitors.

-The gym renovations are finally completed at age 21. The gym is a three-story pseudo-high school, who's gimmick is to deal with certain hints and patterns to obtain the key to the secret hallway to Miyuki's classroom.

[filepage_3, attached as "pokemon"]

ORIGAMI - Porygon-Z, Modest, Adaptability, Lv. 70. Hyper Beam, Psychic, Tri-Attack, Recover. Genderless.

-Miyuki's starter pokemon. Befriended within urban Saffron before capture. Evolved into Porygon2 when it held an Upgrade while testing the newly founded Porygon Inc.'s Poke Balls on a trading system. Evolved into Porygon-Z when it held a Dubious Disc during a trade-evolve deal, with another trainer's Kadabra-Alakazam during the Silph catching event. Possibly Miyuki's best friend, seen through her naming of Porygon Inc.

MIRAI - Xatu, Timid, Magic Bounce, Lv. 67. Fly, Psychic, Protect, Wish. Female.

-Miyuki's technical second pokemon. Given to her by psychic tradition. Evolved during training before the Four Island catching event. Somewhat apologetic, and plays the motherly card most of the time. It's rumored that she uses her future seeing to predict the stocks for Miyuki.

GUNKAN - Lapras, Bold, Water Absorb, Lv. 66. Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Surf, Psychic. Male.

-Miyuki's third pokemon. Caught at the Four Island catching event. He's bigger than most Lapras, a giant 12'06" in comparison to the normal 8'02". A true-blue ideal samurai, he is chivalrous and strong-willed, but is also somewhat flustered around close allies he can trust. He serves as the heavy weapons for Miyuki, and is as dangerous as he is honorable.

KEIKU - Rotom-H, Modest, Levitate, Lv. 66. Overheat, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Substitute. Genderless.

-Miyuki's fourth pokemon, and her first pokemon caught outside of Hoenn. Caught during a trip into the Old Chateau, and later combined with an oven in Hearthome City.  It loves baking things and serving food to people and pokemon, and is actually part of the catering staff during some events.

SUZU - Bronzong, Relaxed, Levitate, Lv. 68. Gyro Ball, Psychic, Stealth Rock, Explosion. Genderless.

-Miyuki's fifth pokemon. Caught at full evolution at Mt. Coronet. A relaxed, laid-back pokemon, it likes to give advice to other pokemon. It rings peacefully and lovingly in nighttime Saffron when it has free time, helping people relax and go to sleep. However, when a situation arises, it's said to e able to pop your eardrums.

HOKUTO - Starmie, Timid, Natural Cure, Lv. 67. Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic, Recover. Genderless.

-Miyuki's sixth pokemon. Caught as a Staryu at Sunyshore City when it latched onto a trainer's somewhat large Corsola and refused to get off. When Miyuki approached it, it apparently thought the Corsola was it's house. The CEO then talked it into getting off and the Staryu apologized and said to catch it, because it was too far away from home anyways. Evolved with a Water Stone during training. It's a bit bashful and nervous around others at first, latching onto something fiercely when it's frightened.

[filepage_4, attached as "personality"]

-Observed as powerful and bluntly honest, no matter what occasion. Includes sarcasm, schadenfreude, apathy towards outer importance. This causes companies to fear her, and to be an intimidating opponent in battle. This also results in a literal train of thought, and a quick, humorous but harsh rebuking of incoherence.
-Observed as micromanaging and self-pacing, resulting in a more personalized field of work. This also results in an air of dominance.
-Miyuki also will deal with an important problem personally, be it through a physical means of a beatdown, a harsh scolding upon the person's way of living and mannerisms, or both.
-Miyuki does not respond well to a Team attack whatsoever, and has compliance from the Pokemon League to decimate and destroy any sign of a Team at first sight. However, this will also result in a 'track-and-destroy' mission, with Miyuki using any source of information possible.
-Observed as have an spot for children, giving blunt and brutal advise to beginning pokemon trainers that comply with a respect for pokemon and an emphasis on a pokemon's power.
-Within line of fatal danger, observed as brutal and heartless against opposition. Psychic abilities are classified under "Expert", upon which rank includes stopping of ammunition. Possibilities in the field are classified under 'shoot the hostage', 'sadism', 'fatal schadenfreude', 'maniacal destruction'. [citation - [RemnantWitness_Anon]]

[filepage_5, attached as "gym"]

Pokemon: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7* (badges)

*8 badges indicates her complete team



Three-story high school.

1st Story: Class 1-A, Class 1-B, Track Field, Locker Room, Hallway.
2nd Story: Class 1-C, Library, Bathroom, Cafeteria, Hallway.
3rd Story: Computer Lab, Class 1-D (Miyuki), Secret Hallway, Secret Staircase.
Balcony: Secret Staircase, Teleporter to Silph Co. Lobby.


(Note: This is not including the gym trainers, who will give you hints on what to do. It is entire possible to reach Class 1-D without gym staffing.)

1st Story: Class 1-A has numbers "712" on the blackboard. Head to Class 1-B, Flip the smaller board that has "474" on it. Class 1-A now has the numbers "712474" on it. Head to Track Field, with the teams PORY VS SILPH. PORY is winning 3-2. Head to Locker Room. Many different names are on the lockers, but PORY is the correct locker. Unlock it with "71-24-74", as directed from 1-A. There are now stairs leading to the 2nd Story Hallway.

2nd Story: Class 1-C has several books on the teacher's desk. Of these books, one is colored upon Miyuki's color scheme, violet, red, blue, black, white. Open the book, it reveals the title "Of Power" with a note pointing to the title saying 'find this', and a detailed, complete book upon the different definitions of "power". Head to the Library and look for "Of Power". This book now has a picture of a bell. Head to the cafeteria*. Attempt to pick up the lunch bell on the lunch lady's counter. A rumbling will sound, and a stall in the bathroom now has stairs leading to the 3rd Story Hallway.

3rd Story: The computer lab has 6 computers. You must press ENTER in order (1 as leftmost: 5, 3, 2, 4, 1.) The 6th computer then lowers into the ground, revealing the Secret Hallway to Class 1-D, a completely wrecked classroom with a splintered desk, a shattered blackboard, and multiple chairs bent beyond recognition, Miyuki in a pristine chair in the middle of the destroyed room. The Secret Staircase is in a burnt door on the top left corner of the classroom, which is completely locked.


Balcony: Only accessible with Miyuki. She holds the key to the burnt door, and, upon going up the staircase, a shining balcony over all of Saffron is available. In a closet door to the side, there's a teleporter that leads to the Silph lobby, the corresponding teleporter hidden behind the front desk.

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Posts : 220
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PostSubject: Re: Saffron Gym Leader/Silph Co. CEO - Miyuki Muon   Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:15 pm


x50 Ultra Balls
x10 Dusk Balls
x1 Master Ball

Healing Items:
x35 Hyper Potions
x20 Full Heals
x10 Max Ethers
x20 Revives

Key Items:
x2 Silph Scope
x1 Pokegear - CEO Miyuki (Miyuki-Exclusive. Wallpaper theme based on her Pokemon team, also doubles as a portable PC.)
x1 Gym Identification
x1 Card Key, CEO Black
x1 Miyuki's Book
x1 Bicycle - White

HM Cut
HM Flash
HM Rock Smash
HM Rock Climb
HM Strength
HM Surf
HM Fly
HM Waterfall
HM Dive
HM Whirlpool
HM Defog
x 10 TM Psychic
TM Hyper Beam
TM Giga Impact

x2 Upgrades
x1 Dubious Disc
x1 Water Stone
x2 TwistedSpoon
x10 Escape Rope
x40 Max Repel
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Posts : 220
Join date : 2012-07-17
Age : 20
Location : New Bark Town

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PostSubject: Re: Saffron Gym Leader/Silph Co. CEO - Miyuki Muon   Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:58 pm

Origami (Porygon-Z), Genderless, Lv. 70 (0/40)

Hyper Beam

Mirai (Xatu), Female, Lv. 67 (0/40)


Gunkan (Lapras), Male, Lv. 66. (0/30)

Ice Beam

Keiku (Rotom-H), Genderless, Lv. 66. (0/30)

Shadow Ball

Suzu (Bronzong), Genderless, Lv. 68. (0/40)

Gyro Ball
Stealth Rock

Hokuto (Starmie), Genderless, Lv. 67. (0/40)

Ice Beam
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Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Saffron Gym Leader/Silph Co. CEO - Miyuki Muon   Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:00 pm

Awesome app Miko.
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PostSubject: Re: Saffron Gym Leader/Silph Co. CEO - Miyuki Muon   

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Saffron Gym Leader/Silph Co. CEO - Miyuki Muon
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