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 PKMN Trainer Andrew Yuon

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Andrew Yuon

Andrew Yuon

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PostSubject: PKMN Trainer Andrew Yuon   Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:56 pm

Name: Andrew John Yuon

Age: 23

home town: Pallet Town

appearance: Looks like picture.

Personality: Andrew is a kind caring person who helps whenever needed. HE is the only person nice to his brother in his family and he left them at the age of 15 to be a pokemon master. He went back time after time to see Satoshi but that is it. He cares for pokemon and believes that making bonds with your pokemon can bring out the best in them.

Pokemon and their moves:
Raichu (level 54) : Thunder, Volt Tackle, Iron tail, Quick Attack
Arcanine (level 56) : Fire Fang, Fire Blast, Crunch, Outrage
Samourott (Level 60) : Surf, Ice beam, Hydro Cannon, Return
Sceptile (Level 53) : Grass Knot, Rock Climb, Brick Break, Quick Attack
Frosslass (Level 47) : Ominous Wind, Ice Beam, Hail, Confuse Ray
Typhlosion (Level 55) Eruption, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Quick Attack

History: Andrew is a smart young man who has travelled all the regions and have defeated all the pokemon championships. He even done Unova twice and defeated the new pokemon league. He has the trophy for each region's league at home and is proud to be the best. He was always good at everything as he was brilliant at school and excelled in his classes, He trained strong pokemon, He helps the professors out when it is needed and more things like that.He has learned so much in his journeys it is unreal. So that is why he wants to become a Gym leader and help test the trainers Who received pokemon from the professors and test their bonds.
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PKMN Trainer Andrew Yuon
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