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 Rachel (NPC trainer, might be mooved to an actual charicter in later events)

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yarashi kaminato

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PostSubject: Rachel (NPC trainer, might be mooved to an actual charicter in later events)   Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:39 pm

Name: Rachel Kaminato

Age: 28

home town: Hearthome City in Sinnoh

appearance: Rachel is a white girl with long, light brown hair with a few strands of blond hear and there, tied down at the back so that it doesnt move out of plaice. Her dimond-blue eyes seem to give her the "I'm so innocent" kind of look. Rachel has rossey-red lips. (she applies lipstick to her lips from time to time)
Rachel whears a purple Tank top and a Blue mini-skirt most of the time. Rachel's red bag is atatched to a Red sash that goes around he right sholder, this sash allso holds her Poke'balls, possisioned close to her waist. Rachel's black hiking boots add to her style and flair. Rachel is skinny, yet stronger than she looks!

Personality: Rachel can be a bit of a tomboy sometimes, despite how she looks.Most of the time tho, she can be a reall Lady about things, in evry sence of the word. Rachel cares for, and loves evry Pokemon, big and small, infact, the only thing she cares more about is the person, or people ... (ever since she arived in Johto) she loves. Rachel is a chearful, wise, and well-spirited lady with a relentless battling style.

Poke'mon and their moves: (she has so manny pokemon of her own right now, that she doesnt use a particular team, but her favorite pokemon, and her partner ...)

Bolt (Raichu) (Focus Blast, Charge, Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot)

History: As a little girl, Rachel grew up with two sisters. Rachel was the youngest of the three of them, and was teased for it, she didnt care about it tho, even if it would one day effect her life. Eventaly, Rachel became 10 years old, and was exited to get to use a Pokemon, her ritch father had given het sisters a Chimchar and Piplup, so she was hoping to get a Turtwig. Rachel's father said that she couldnt have his Turtwig, and she would have to make due with catching her own pokemon. Rachel headed out to catch a pokemon for herself, when two Pikachu caght her eye. Those Pikachu both liked her, and wanted to traval with her, but she could only catch one. so she let the other live with her as a friend. She called the one that she caght Bolt, and the other one, She named Lightning.

Years passed, and she turned 14. At one time, her sisters seemed to like her more. They invited her ro come with them for a riide on their father's speed boat. She didn't want to be rude to her sister's so she accepted the offer. Out on the beach, they saw a teen boy on a nearby cliff, Rachel's sisters both seemed to be interested in him, they called him over. Being the gentalman that he was, he politly joined them for the ride. When the four of them ser off to sea, the boy introduced himself to the three sisters, "my name is Yarashi Kaminato, and im gonna learn about evry Pokemon in the wold! nothing can beat me or even surprize me when I reach that goal!", the boy said, childishly. Rachel saw him as an anoying-try hard when she heard that, but her sisters ... saw him as evry girl's dream. Weather it was true or not, Rachel's sisters saw hier as compatition for them wining Yarashi;s heart, so when Rachel went to tan on the boat, they pushed her off the side and increased the boat's speed to get away faster. Yarashi saw that Rachel was out of the boat, and strugling to stay above water. While Rachel was paniking in all the comotion, Yarashi sent out a Palpatoad, and she head him yell "Palpatoad! Take the hero stage!", as it was sent out. Yarashi jumped into the water and held onto his Pokemon tightly as Palpatoad treded water, making its way to Rachel. Yarashi had Palpatoad head right back to shore when he got ahold of Rachel. when they got to the land, Rachel saw something in Yarashi that she hadnt seen befor, and whatever it was, she liked him a-LOT for it.

More years passed, and Rachel was 26. Yarashi had told her that he had to go back to Johto to take the Pokemon Leauge Chalenge there, and beat someone named Silver. The two of them had a Job to keep pokemon related desaster;s from hapening at the time, so it was allso a good chance to do that in Johto and Kanto. "Will I ever see you in person again?", Rachel asked him. Yarashi handed Rachel a Poke'ball with a Dracon Fang carved into it, telling her to keep it to remember him by, and simply left the room like that, flying away on his Salamance to get to the harbor on time. Lightning, the free Pikachu, felt sorry for the rwo of them, and ran off, Following Yarashi and Salamance. Knowing Yarashi and Lightning would be away for some time, Rachel set off for Unova, to start a PGPC (Pokemon Global Protests Camaign) in Striaton City.

Two years later, Yarashi came to Unova to meet back up with Rachel, and talk about what had happened in Johto and Kanto. Rachel was releaved to see him again after two whole years, and befor he would leave again, the two of them made arangmsnts to live together in Johto.

Other information: Rachel is Yarashi's wife now, but she odly has a sort of crush on Silver)
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Rachel (NPC trainer, might be mooved to an actual charicter in later events)
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