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 Elite Four - Fushidara Saiki

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PostSubject: Elite Four - Fushidara Saiki   Sun May 27, 2012 7:13 pm

Name: Fushidara Saiki

Position: Elite Four

Age: 18

Personality: Despite being so young for an Elite Four, he's seen alot. In his younger days, he was ambitious and bright. However, it's a bit odd to call them his "younger days", as they were only 8 years ago, when he was 10 and first set off on his journey like all 10 year-olds were forced to do. Nevertheless, he was an eager and ambitious kid then but now he's a more calm and reserved sort of guy. No matter the situation, he will respect his opponent and will never back down or go easy on a challenge, whether an Elite Four Challenge or as a casual battle. He believes that unless you give it your all in a battle, you're only disrespecting your pokemon. On a final note, he seems to always have a cup of tea. The mystery is where that tea comes from.

History: Being born in Slateport City, he enjoyed the sea and traveling. When he became of age, he waved goodbye to his family and set off on a boat headed to the Unova region. However, on the way there the boat stopped at an interesting school known as Smogon University, a prestigious institute that teaches everything there is about the Pokemon world. Instead of staying en route to Unova, Fushidara jumped off the ship and attended the classes. During that time, a friend all the way in the Almia region contacted Fushidara, stating that he had a Riolu that needed taking care of. It was a special Riolu that controlled the aura prematurely and was targeted by malicious people. Remembering his lonely little sister, Satoko, back home, Fushidara decided to send Riolu to her. After two years of hard studying and learning, Fushidara knew everything there was to Pokemon, from battling to training to breeding. From there, he finally set off on his original journey, starting from Unova's Castelia City. The big city astounded him with the countless buildings and people in a hurry. As he walked, he found himself in the alley with a simple wooden door on the side. A warm orange light glowed from within. He walked in and found a quaint and quiet little cafe, Sonata Cafe. There, Fushidara saw a man with a guitar playing a mysterious tune. All eyes in the cafe were fixated on this musician. The beautiful song resonated throughout the cafe. Fushidara was utterly moved by this performance. As the musician finished, Fushidara went straight up to him and asked about the song he played.

The musician responded, "It was a song my mother loved...It makes me feel so nostalgic." Fushidara was deeply moved by this and the musician continued to tell about the pokemon behind the song. "My mother once told me of a Pokemon that played a melody and danced so lightly that it filled peoples hearts with joy. Then sorrow darkened the entire world and the pokemon lost the melody...Meloetta..." Then, the musician handed Fushidara a cup of tea. Fushidara was inspired to search for the pokemon, Meloetta, and have it learn the lost song once more.

With this new incentive in mind, Fushidara set off in the new land of Unova. While on his journey, he befriended many pokemon and found many comrades. In time, he reached and challenged the Elite Four. However, when challenging the champion of Unova, he remembered his time back at Sonata Cafe. He remembered his first promise to search for Meloetta. "Why am I here?" In that moment of self-doubt, Fushidara lost to the champion. Feeling lost and confused, Fushidara returned home to Slateport City.

In his respite at home, Fushidara was in a slump. He didn't have a clue as how to search for the fabled Meloetta. Not even the comfort of his little sister would uplift him. After two weeks of slumping, a letter arrived to Fushidara. It was from a man named Quicksilver asking Fushidara to join his clan, the Hero clan. Fushidara accepted, still at a loss. He decided that maybe he needed the search the world in order to find Meloetta. He decided to join Quicksilver and the Hero Clan. In 4 years, Fushidara became the legendary trainer known as "the Aura Disciple". After that, after getting nowhere with his Meloetta search and getting tired, Fushidara retired from the clan and returned home to Slateport. At that point, Fushidara decided to change his approach to searching for Meloetta. With the help of Satoko, he decided to read through the old lore and research on Meloetta and the Relic Kingdom. The two read on and on until they reached a block. There was no information on what happened to the Relic Kingdom and Meloetta's disappearance.

It was during Fushidara's block that the Elite Four of the Kanto/Johto region contacted him. They knew of his success in the Hero clan and decided to recruit him as a part of their new Elite Four. Fushidara accepted for two reasons. The first being a new set of challenges to befall him. The second reason was the extensive supply of resources. With this in mind, Fushidara became the fighting-type Elite Four, alongside his comrades from his travels and exploits.

However, he worried of leaving his little sister again. Fushidara offered for Satoko to join him in his stay at the Pokemon League. To his surprise, she refused. Satoko replied saying, "I don't want you to hold my hand, like you did when we were kids. I want to work to where you are. I'm going to challenge the Pokemon League and show that I'm all grown up, now . You'll be there waiting, right?"

Fushidara nodded. His little sister grew up alot during these seven years. The two then set off on the first boat to the Kanto/Johto region, ready for the challenges that await them.


Unova Journey Team:

Second Unova Journey Team (Doubles)

Aura Disciple

Elite Four Team


Unova Region

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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Elite Four - Fushidara Saiki   Mon May 28, 2012 11:48 pm

Great Job Fushi-mekka
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Elite Four - Fushidara Saiki
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