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 Elite Kay White

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yarashi kaminato

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PostSubject: Elite Kay White   Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:16 pm

Name: Kay White (those lower ranked than him call him Sir White)
Rank: Elite
Age: 29
A big red "R" is painted on the chest plate, but he allso has a chest plate without the "R". His pants are red jeans with a knight's chain mail legings over them. Kay has a silver belt to hold his poke'balls. He has a small red sack on his back that conects to the back of his sholder pads. Kay has knight's boots for shoes, that, contrerry to popular belife, are quite comfy.
Favorite Pokemon: Charizard
Back Story: Kay was great at swordplay as a kid. his perants had been using his talents to gairespect in the world, while treating him with the least respect posable. Kay never even had a bed to sleep in while he was young, he tried to sleep on his bedroom floor. Kay's mother felt his pain, she knew he hated being used and abused, so she talked with his father about it one night. Kay heard the conversation they where having, and had trouble sleeping do to his worrying. The next morning, when Kay whent into the kitchen for breakfist, his mother was lying there, dead. Kay's eyes widend as he checked his mother, not noticing any blood. He heard his father calling from behind him. Turning around, Kay saw that his father was holding two kinds of shock collars . "Lets have a special kind of battle", "his father said as he placed one shock collar aroud his neck, "we each use a creature called a Pokemon, normally they would attack eachother, but this time, they can attack us aswell. Theas colers we where will magnify the pain in their attacks on us with a powerful shock", Kay's father explained as he put the second collar on Kay, and gave him a pokeball. Kay was afraid, but he was at eas when his father told him it was a pokemon battle and not a sword duel, he knew how to work with poke'balls better than swords even.

Kay jumped back and let out the Charmander inside the poke'ball, "Pokemon! assalt mode!", he yelled. His father smirked and sent out a Scyther. As the battle raged on, Scyther was making manny attacks on Kay, and Kay was hurt badly. Kay couldnt have Charmander attack his father, he didnt have the heart. He thought if he could beat Scyther, there was nothing his father could attack with. Scyther was about to land 1 final attack, it flew past Charmander an aimed it's blades. Kay tried to move away, but, he was too wounded to move verry fast. Then, the amazing happened. Charmander jumped infront of Kay and grabed Scyther's blades. Kay was surprised, so much so that he almost forgot that Charmander was his nother's pokemon, and shaired the same fellings for Kay as his mother did. Charmander attacked with its ember, causing Scyther to faint. Kay took this chance to his advantige, he had Charmander tske off his shock collar, and then he Returned Charmander to it's poke'ball. Next, he gathered as much of his belongings as he could, and headed out.

Kay and his pokemon travaled the world together. Kay only had one thing on his mind, becoming stronger so that he could take on evryone that tried to hurt him or the ones he cared about. As Kay grew, so did his hatred. His mind was clouded with the death of his mother and the sudden betrayal of his father.Kay comited manny crimes, and wasnt easaly spoted, he was skilled in that way. After a few raids, a Team Rocket member found Kay in Viridian City. The Grunt tried to take his pokemon. Kay beat up the grunt, and was about to leave him kmocked out, but at that time, the grunt gave Kay an interesting proposal. Kay was asked to join Team Rocket. Kay thought about this ofer for a moment, and agreed to join. He liked the idea of gaining controll. Kay was asighned the grunt position quite quickly. Order after orser, mission after mission, Kay compleated them without hesitation.
In his efforts, Kay was later premoted farther and farther up untill he was a Team Rocket Elite. Kay had a custom uniform created for him as a reminder of his past witch was now a source of his hatred.

Important Items of Note: Shock Collar: the verry sane one his dad used on him, this pain magnifying shock collar is both a murderous tool, and a memorry of Kay's past.

Pokemon Team:

Charizard lvl 60  (Overheat, Dragon Pulse, Rock Slide, Fly)

Magnezone lvl 58 (Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Hidden Power, Flash Cannon)

Weavile lvl 56 (Night Slash, Ice Beam, Arial Ace, Avalanch)

Medichan lvl 56 (Brick Break, Psychic, ThunderPunch,DynamicPunch)

Ursaring lvl 58 (Superpower, Dig, Swagger, Rest)

Personality: Kay never liked showing his posative emotions, those who know him only years after he was attacked by his father, mostly saw his rage, or other negative emotions. Those who knew him near that time see his posative side expressed more. No matter what side he reveals, he keeps the other side of him locked up inside.

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Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Elite Kay White   Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:27 pm

your base is in the goldenrod city base
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Elite Kay White
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