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 Ace Trainer Sam Fang (Friend of a Arcanine)

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PostSubject: Ace Trainer Sam Fang (Friend of a Arcanine)   Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:25 am

Name: Sam Fang ( Ace Trainer)

Age: 15

home town: Arcanine Town( A little south of New Bark Town)

region: Johto


appearance: He has spiky blonde hair and a dark brown color eye, that carry an attitude of not caring about anything in the world. He usually wears a black t-shirt with orange stripes that is covered up by a sky blue jacket with a evil giant skull in front of the jacket. Sam always wears bracers but have a weird habit of hiding his left hand inside his jacket. He wears a dark camo pants that matches with his black hiking boots that he wore everyday.

Personality: His attitude towards peoples may seems cold and emotionless, but he is actually friendly inside. Sam hates violence, even in a Pokemon battle. He prefers to solve things peacefully rather then just went with brute force. His instinct to help the weak gets him in trouble most of the time. Personality hate team rocket before of a certain incident.

Poke'mon and their moves:
Growlithe Lv.5, Male(Sparky)

History: When Sam was 10 years old, he often like visiting the forest to play with a Arcanine that no one knows about except himself. They usually play until sunset, the time Sam have to get home, and would continue playing the next day. But one day it all changed when team rocket invaded the town. Many of the forest Pokemon was taken by force and it seems that no one could stop them. Suddenly a burst of flame took out a few of team rocket pokemon and Arcanine emerges from the forest. A fierce battle took place until team rocket was force to retreat because of too many members have fallen. Arcanine, badly wounded, limps back into the forest. Sam, worrying about Arcanine, chase after Arcanine until he reached her den. Sam knowing that Arcanine is dying, started crying. Arcanine picks ups a object gently with her teeth and nudge Sam until he looked up. It was a baby growlite! *Sniffs* "You want me to take care of him?" Sam asked. Arcanine gently drops the growlithe into Sam arm and nods. "I-I'll take care of him, I promise!" he swore. Knowing her cub had reach good hands, Arcanine lays her head on the ground and closes her eyes. Minutes later, Arcanine had died. The town was named Arcanine Town after Arcanine for her courage and self sacrifice for the town sake.

5 years have past, Sam would have gotten his trainers license two years ago if it weren't for the time he used to help the town repairs it's damage of the battle. Now having license in hand, Sam decided to have a journey around the world to help the weak in memories of what Arcanine did for his town. "Let's go Sparky!" "Arf!"

Other information: None

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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Ace Trainer Sam Fang (Friend of a Arcanine)   Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:12 am

First of you made me cry. Crying or Very sad
secondly where is Arcanine Town located? As In where is is closet Too.
Thirdly What type of trainer are you?
and Finally your starting in Johto, Correct?
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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

Posts : 960
Join date : 2012-05-13
Age : 25
Location : Azalea Town

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Role: Elite Four

PostSubject: Re: Ace Trainer Sam Fang (Friend of a Arcanine)   Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:41 am

Here's 3000 Pokedollars to start off your journey.
Be safe and have fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Ace Trainer Sam Fang (Friend of a Arcanine)   

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Ace Trainer Sam Fang (Friend of a Arcanine)
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