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 Cole Larson

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PostSubject: Cole Larson   Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:26 pm

Name: Cole Larson
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Home Region: Johto
Occupation: Team Rocket
Rank: Elite
You wouldn't have taken him for a team rocket type, even though there was something certainly sinister about him, twisted, you found yourself in disbelief that he could be from team rocket. You were not staring at a man, he was more animal than a man. His black hair was wild, messy, more like an uncomb mane. His skin was pale and he was tall and gaunt. He towered over you around five foot seven, an impressively intimidating figure. He wore a black bodysuit with a couple eleven or so belts, for whatever decorative purpose. He wore long black boots that looked part of the suit with similiar blue trim. His arms and hands were long and boney, his pale skin looked like it was being pulled and stretched unto the bone. His nails were gray, from malnutrition was your best guest. Holstered at his side was a silver gun and he wore part of a metal cuff from handcuffs on his left wrist. His eyes were a deep red, like fire, sharp, cunning with animal intentions. He gave you a bit of a sinister smile and you noticed that he had the rare gift of longer sharper canines than most people.
Exactly like picture- though I'm going to add some things, I'm giving him something like a travelers cloak with similiar design as his boots so he can cover his bodysuit up, and so it can easily hide the gun. I should also note that his right eye no longer has bandages, his hair covers a small scar he has across his eye though the scar is covered by all of his hair.


Personality: Surprisingly Cole is very calm, he doesn't get angry, but he's like a well trained dog. He can sit and obediently wait, but his bite is deadly and nasty, viciious in nature. He often tends to be extremely headstrong, stubborn and quite confident in his own skills. Though unlike certain people of his party he doesn't let his confidence become arrogance. He's described as a Houndoom, very calm, but very much like a predator. He only sees potential allies or potential prey, there is no gray areas for him. Most people believe that just because of his vicious nature that he doesn't have any good qualities to him. Cole is perfectly described as wild, something you cannot obtain, he does what he feels, he feels what it is right and wrong. He is a spirit that comes and goes, but he is highly intelligent, cunning. He knows how to use his words to get what he wants, but has no qualms in blackmailing and shooting before using the words. It's not that he likes to watch people suffer, it's all in the name of surviving. It's a habit that Cole cannot seem to break out of. All though incapable of understanding feelings of love and joy, he doesn't despise or mistreat Pokemon. Many Pokemon trust him because his mindset is very much like them. Cole can hardly be called a man, he is more like an animal that speaks the words of a man, but thinks like an animal. He is a good, strong leader, a man of action and promises. He is never fickle, you can trust that he says what he'll do and get it done. Very rarely do any of his missions fail, due to his stubborn attitude and ability to change up plans if need be. He isn't the type to sit still though, often Cole will wander off and go on adventures. He likes fighting just as much as the next person and his team really fits him that aspect. Each Pokemon of his team filling in an aspect of his personality and even carrying traits he doesn't have, which is the ability to love.

Pokemon Roster:

Houndoom a.k.a Force, lvl 73


Force has always been there from the start, he's the most like Cole. Holding the same headstrong, stubborn, and confident traits that his leader carries. He is also a very intelligent Pokemon whom also tends to know how to get his way. Force's history start with Cole's history. Much like Houndors and Houndooms of his time, he was used as a guardian to the homeless community that he grew up in. Protecting their Shantytowns before having to move on again. The things that separate Force from his leader is that he does feel and understand love, many Pokemon do. Most people would believe that Cole abuses his Pokemon, but he hasn't. Force truthfully respects and loves Cole. And even if Cole has never directly said it, the keen sixth sense of Pokemon says otherwise of people's thoughts.

Muk a.k.a Grimeboy, lvl 69


The second member of Cole's team, he reflects the protective side of Cole. Grimeboy met Cole back when he was a still a young Muk at level 40, Muk was starting his first family in a small human town. The issue was the humans were not entirely happy about their new residents. They smelled of something rotten, and not only that, but their slime was everywhere and they were overflowing their electric plants with slime. The mayor of the town put up a project to clear out all the Muk and Grimer that had migrated into and near the plant. Grimeboy was off collecting the days food for the whole family, rummaging through trash, if he had been there he would have been collected. Most of the Grimer and Muk had been relocated out of town, except for Grimeboy since the humans hadn't known about Grimeboy being around. When he came back home, he saw his home completely clean. He called for his children, his Muk mate, but there was no answer. Unable to find his family he wandered the human town, a lot of the humans had complete distaste for him. They tried everything to throw him out, but he didn't want to leave in hope that his family would come back. It had been months with his family gone for good, depressed and alone Muk wandered the streets eating trash and becoming a homeless Muk. It's then wandering around that he bumped into Cole.There was something about Cole that Pokemon could sense, that humans could. There was something that attracted Pokemon to Cole. He was a leader, strong. He didn't have Pokemon as an owner, he had them as a clan and pack. He had lost a family, but could this be a new family.

[In Pokemon Language translated into human] Houndoom approached Muk.

Houndoom, "You're in our way"

Muk, "Can I come with you?"

Houndoom, "Why?"

Muk, "Cause you seem like good company,"

Cole lifted a hand and Muk thought he was going to get hit like he usually did by the humans, but he pointed behind him. Houndoom looked up at Cole a little intrigued by the decision of their leader.

"Muk," Grimeboy said sliding behind Cole.

"Enough Force," Cole said.


Salamence a.k.a Pride, Lvl 69


Since he was a small Bagon, Pride had always been pampered. Despite Cole not being as arrogant as Pride, he still has the confidence and pride Cole has. Pride use to be the Pokemon of an owner named Lucy, reigning champion with her Bagon, then her Shelgon, and then her Salamence. It was beauty, cute, and cool contest all the time. It was fancy meals, and leashes all his life. All this wild dragon energy inside of him never to be used. Aggression and battle was all he really enjoyed. Pride after a while became bored of the pampered life, and Lucy was just simply a spoiled brat. Tired of his old life, he became depressed, he rather finish life now than continue with the clothes, the flaunting off his skills without feeling successful. The crowds cheered, but he didn't. One day rather conveniently, fate had brought him an interesting trail of human energy. A leader, a strong one with his own strong pact beginning to form. While his trainer gloated about him, Pride slipped off and trailed behind the human and his two other Pokemon following him. When they left the town, Pride could feel a sense of joy, so he let out some flames, and stomped his feet unto the ground. The human noticing this turned around.

"How the hell did you get here and when?" Cole asked.

"Rawr," Pride said puffing out his breast and flapping his wings.

"Okay, whatever you can stay"

Seviper a.k.a Junior, Level 45


It was not Cole's idea to raise him, it just ended up happening. One day while walking down the road Grimeboy slipped into the bushes and brought out an egg. Grimeboy must have been brought back to when his little Grimer's were in eggs. His father instincts had come out and he was going to raise this egg till it hatched. He happens to be the baby of the stranger family of the rag tag family. He is treated with more care than the others, Muk is an imprinted father figure, and the others are like welcoming brothers, even for the newest comer.

Gliscor a.k.a Scrounger, level 62


All though Gliscor is reliable in the team, he also happens to be a complete and total pain in the ass. Gliscor first met Cole as a Gilgar, he happens by accident it's not like Cole planned to keep him, but they ended up gaining a friendship and understanding of each other. See Gilgar has the mischeviousness that Cole doesn't have, but he also represents the fear that Cole has to be alone. [though Cole would never admit that] Scrounger is what you'd call the joker of the group, he happens to have plans that always end up failing in some way or another and the other members like to pick on him. Ironically Gliscor is afraid of the dark and doesn't like to be in the dark alone, if he knows the group is around then he is a little more brave in the dark. Like said earlier, Scrounger met Cole when he was still a Gilgar. Having an injury he had been using it all day to milk sympathy on the road of passing human travelers whom would heal him, give him food, let him stay by their side till they had to leave. He hadn't expected for a Hounddoom to come bounding up and trying to maul him, using him as toy. The Houndoom decided to adopt him as a toy and kept him in his mouth for a few good miles till the human spoke to the Hounddoom about putting Scrounger down. Feeling indebted to the human he followed Cole around. He became a Gliscor by complete accident. One night they were sleeping out in the woods together, Grimeboy and Pride were making fun of him. Betting he couldn't make it a few miles away from their camp without getting scared. Wanting to prove himself to them he decided to wander to the dirt road that humans traveled, complete on his own. He wanted to turn back, but the shine of something caught his eye. Grabbing it, he found himself evolving. He came back to the group as a Gliscor.

Ariados a.k.a Spot level 60


Since he was a small Spinarak his original owner and him went on adventures. It's not that he didn't love his owner, he still does and from time to time he feels slightly homesick as well. But he also couldn't live in an environment where he wasn't appreciated any more. His owner had found someone, a woman whom he loved a lot, whom brought her Jumpluff into their home. He didn't seem to care to take him on adventures any more. It's like he forgot about Araidos, feeling alone and unwanted Araidos went for a walk, where he met up with a Houndoom seemingly waiting for something. Spot knew the type. The kind that stole and broke rules. Proudly the Houndoom walked up to him, head high, circled around him and smiled a doggy smile.

"You look lonely"

"It's nothing," Spot replied, "My master has forgotten about me."

"I don't have a master," Houndoom said proudly, "I have a pack leader."

"What's the different?" Spot asked curiously.

"My leader let's us do whatever, takes us on adventures and we get to meet cool new people,"

"I miss going on adventures,"

"We're leaving town tomorrow, we won't be waiting, but if you want you can catch up to us,"

The Houndoom walked off. Spot swore he would never join a ban of criminals. But then again when he thought it over, that Houndoom didn't look like a criminal. He was happy and healthy, and his leader seemed to really care about his well being. Where as his master was infutated with the other human being. Locking lips together. That's when Ariados decided that he would leave his master and see if this other leader was different. He traced the Houndoom down by a little bit of silk he had slipped onto the houndoom without it noticing. Running as fast as it could to meet this strange Pokemon team.

I think everyone just believes scum is scum. They all think that I'm some genius criminal and that's all there is to me. There is no depth, there is no character. I'm just the worse of the worse. I'd never try to justify it, never try to say otherwise. What I do is to survive and to others it may seem brutal, but to me it's the way of life. Everyone lives in a paradise. They want to shelter the world of violence and crime from their eyes behind rose tinted glasses and that's fine, more power to them. But I do not have that luxury. I still don't have what I am looking for. I have over the years become bitter and numb. My anger has subsided, when I was younger I surely felt more anger than this. Anger is what filled my every action, anger and survival. When an animal is backed into a corner it will bite. I grew up a rare few, homeless with no family that I knew of. I was raised by different people everyday, lived in different makeshift buildings everyday. I stole to survive and I fought viciously. Force was with me the whole entire time. He and I always thought the same way, sometimes I think I may be more Pokemon than human, but that's a laughable concept. I remember in my youth, people quiver in fear from merely a look. Even now it's really the look that silences them from their Utopia. While they live pleasantly inside their head, I'm forced to face my own nightmares. My own violence I created. Not that I regret any of it either. I do what I have to. This is not my plead to say that I am a horrible human. This is not a plead to say that what I think is wrong.
This is merely just me rambling about what others think are wrong with me. At nineteen I was sent to jail, for shooting an officer's Growlithe dead. Two years imprisoned, waiting for the outside. Now you're wondering why I shot that Growlithe. Was it because I enjoyed violence? No. Was it for self defense? Not entirely considered that. I suppose instead of telling you I could simply explain better.

I remember that night very clearly because it was the night that had imprisoned me for two years, scavenging hungry. We happened to pick up on, well I should give more credit to Force, a house that both had delicate smells still lingering from it and unlocked doors. Two very bad ideas. We were simply hungry, always hungry. And we lost the homeless shelter. There was nothing wrong with taking someone else's food. Had I known where I had been taken, locked away, exiled, I would have taken a time machine and do it all over again. I regret nothing. We waited for the family to turn the lights off for the night and sleep. We had watched them all night, even watched them seal away their food into the refrigerator. It seemed like an easy task. Slipping into the back door that they left so carelessly unlocked we were going to take it back to the community if he hadn't been for some Farfetch whom alarmed everyone.

"Farfetch! Farfetch!" it began to scream.

I could hear people upstairs beginning to move. Force moved from my side, and at the time he was just a small little Houndor, sinking into his teeth into the Farfetch. Blood, feathers, everywhere, squawking, screeching and then screaming as a woman came downstairs watching Force maul her Farfetch to death. The plan had been ruined, so I grabbed the woman and covered her mouth taking out my gun.

"Keep quiet," I remember telling her.

I guess her husband had called the Police, one person came busting in. He wore the whole uniform and had a growlithe at his side. Growlith went after Houndor, a lot of snarling. It wasn't a traditional battle, more like a battle of animals. I wasn't goingto let Force get hurt and we were going to get out of here. So I pulled the trigger and heard a whimper. Houndor bounded after me and we fled the home. But the whole town had been alerted and there was nowhere to go. So I sat rotting for two years in a prison, my name probably in the news, smeared with crime and hate. When I was released, there was nowhere to go. Still homeless, I was surprised Force hadn't been rehomed, he probably resisted a great deal. Our reunion is something I always remember like it was yesterday, he had been waiting to evolve, but only for me. The only job offer I got was from some leader of some team called Team Rocket. I took it. Money and food and supplies. It is better than nothing. But I go where I want, when I want. As I want.

Theme Song:

Battle Theme- El Cazador de la Bruja Ost- Cazador del Amor

El Cazador de la Bruja Ost- Moonlight Feista

El Cazador de la Bruja Ost- Ennui

El Cazador de la Bruja Ost- Murderous Intent

El Cazador de la Bruja Ost- A Bounty Hunter's Ballad
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PostSubject: Re: Cole Larson   Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:44 pm

Approved. You can station your self where ever want.
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Cole Larson
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