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 E4 Kirihara Reiji

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PostSubject: E4 Kirihara Reiji    Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:44 pm

Name: Kirihara Reiji
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Home Region: Johto
Occupation: E4 [Elite 4]
As you walked in the chilly winter season, you found yourself lost and confused. You checked your map several times and couldn't find the location you were looking for, lost in the world of your map you bumped into a strange dark young man. His skin was pale, but his black hair was sharp like the night sky on top of white snow. He was handsome, not very tall standing around 5'2", but handsome. He wore a black trench coat with a white button down shirt, messily buttoned at the collar with a messy black tie. He wore black slacks and black leather gloves; he wore a pair of black dress boots. Despite mostly everything about him reminding you of the night sky and winterous days, like he was the spirit of this winter that had plagued the regions, his blue green eyes reminded you of summer. You slighly glared at the messy, handsome young man, despite you being the one whom bumped into him whom was crouching down on the snow feeding the wildlife around them.
Exactly like image


Alternative Outfit
As you walked into the impressively large room, part planetarium with the night sky up, and what you could assume was a large tank underneath your feet walking up the stairs you found yourself staring at a dark young man illuminated by a single dim spotlight. His hair was jet black and messy like the night sky sitting on top of pale snow, for his skin was quite pale. His eyes were like the summer skies blue and green. He wore his suit rather sloppily, blue pin strip jacket with matching pants, but his button down shirt was loosely buttoned at the collar and the tie was loose around his neck. He wore black dress shoes, worn and unpolished and a brown belt around his hips. There was something musically handsome about him, creative, passionate and strong.
Exactly like image


Personality: Despite his calm demeanor and gentle appearance, he has a short fuse and sometimes can get angry over slight things. Though he seems to eagerely regret these bouts of fussiness. He is a strong leader and is very confident in himself, sometimes though he finds himself lost in his own thoughts afraid that his own confidence is facade of his true vulnerability inside. A strong warrior, he blindly believes in justice and honesty. The three things he values greatly is respect, honest, and justice. He hates those whom lie, even knowing full well he isn't perfect and has delved into his own lies. He loves art and loves Pokemon as well, in his future he would like to combine his art with his hobby of Pokemon as well. He has built himself around an imprentetrable iron wall, that has also become his prison personally as well. Trying to defend himself from the world, has made him both strong and weak. He probably realizes this, but still carries on with the values of a warrior.

Pokemon: Zorark, Krookodile, Sharpedo, Hydregion, and Absol


Isn't it funny or maybe ironic when you become the very thing you hate? Fire is always a dangerous thing, it destroys and consumes everything within it's path, taking everything with it. It is both violent and calm, and can pass over as quickly as it started. I'd say that I became the flames that I despised so desperately. I remember growing up in small area of Johto, we had a small house and I was an only child. My father was a sailor and went out fishing, while my mother worked at the Pokecenter. I remember my father always liked taking me out to the sea to try and get me to enjoy the sealand like him. He use to give me good old fashion water tricks. How to read the water, read the boat, but they were never the things I was interested in. I actually enjoyed my Pokemon studies a great deal as a kid. You could say I was a bit of a nerd back then, maybe I still am. I enjoyed painting and enjoyed wandering off into the forest. You know the only that I remember that night before the fire, was my dad saying the sky was not going to be happy with us today. I hadn't thought about it, hadn't considered the electricity in the air.
The night was like any other night. Except for the rain and the thunder. My mother tucked me into bed and I closed my eyes, excited for the next day of class when a real life Pokemon trainer would come in and bring their Pokemon in. All though I had been exposed to Pokemon before as every child, there was a difference between a Pokemon whom was a pet and one whom was trained for combat like a warrior, or one trained for high class competitions of beauty and splendor. My dreams were filled with those kind of things and I remember waking up to the flames, to the heat. The crackling sounds. The fear. I don't remember how I got out of the flames, but I knew I had to get help. I needed to get someone. We live slightly away from the city and we had to cross the grass before even getting to the port city. I reminder running and running, until I couldn't breath and I fell to the ground. I think I tripped, but it was also difficult for me to breathe. A wet tongue had begun to lick me, and I looked up to see a Zorua. Rare creatures that were never seen only talked about. He must have been like me, lost, something must have happened to make him separated from his family too.
I don't remember much of the rest of the story, not due to some form of amnesia just all the details were very unclear. We were found by an old hiker, whom took us in after of course we went back to my house to find that it had been burned down to the ground in ashes. I never knew what became of my parents or where they were. If they were dead or alive. Instead my new life at the age of ten began with that hiker and the Zorua whom had become my friend. He always reminded me of my father, the hiker did. He always used funny metaphors I never got, strange metaphors. My father with his fishing and sea metaphors, the hiker with the metaphors about rocks and things. My whole entire lie from then on was being and becoming the trainer that we had always talked about in the schoolyard. I had never considered that I would become as successful as I had.
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Silver Evans
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PostSubject: Re: E4 Kirihara Reiji    Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:16 pm

I loved the history it was my favorite part.
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E4 Kirihara Reiji
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