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 Route Forty-Seven

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PostSubject: Route Forty-Seven    Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:58 pm

Route Forty-Seven

Route 47 is a route in western Johto, connecting Route 48 and Cianwood City via the Cliff Edge Gate.
It's vastly different from all other routes in Johto, being carved out of the face of the sheer cliffs west of Cianwood.
The route begins rather high up as Trainers exit from Cliff Edge Gate, and heads due west past a Hiker, where it takes its first branch. From here, Trainers can go north two paces and into Cliff Cave, which connects the various levels of the route, or continue westward across a bridge in front of a roaring waterfall. There is very little across the bridge.
The upper path will take travelers to Route 48 and Johto's brand-new Safari Zone; a Double Team waits to challenge any Trainer exiting the Cliff Cave. Passage is free to the west, across several bridges over beautiful waterfalls, and eventually onto a grassy path near a billboard advertising the Safari Zone. North of here are the final Trainers on the route, a Young Couple, and a bit further north, Route 48.

Cliff Cave
Cliff Cave has three floors. The lower floor contains breakable rocks. Inside Cliff Cave, the player can either go up or down; each path contains its own perks. Going down and out from Cliff Cave leads the player to the sea; where the only tall grass on Route 47 can be accessed with Waterfall, and Embedded Tower can be accessed with Rock Climb. The upper path will take travelers to Route 48 and the Johto Safari Zone.
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Route Forty-Seven
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