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 Route Thirty-Eight

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Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Route Thirty-Eight   Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:02 am

Route Thirty-Eight

(unused track of pokemon ruby)
Route 38 is route in western Johto, connecting Ecruteak City and Route 39.
Even though Route 38 maintains a pure east-west alignment as a whole, there are no fewer than four separate paths that Trainers can take between Ecruteak and Route 39. The northern-most path leads Trainers into the path of three other Trainers, two of which offer to give out their phone number for rematches at a later date. Over half of this path is made up of grass patches.
The upper middle path is a branch of the northern path, separating near Lass Dana and merging with the northern path near Route 39. There are no Trainers along this short stretch; there is, however, a patch of grass that is home to several species of wild Pokémon.
Unlike the two upper paths, which allow for two-way traffic, the lower paths are configured to allow only one direction of passage. The lower middle path is designed for travelers heading west to Olivine City and is a viable alternative to the grass-lined northern path. The path heads due west from the gate and travels down a fence-lined walkway that is home to one Trainer. Past this Trainer, there is a Berry bush just before a ledge that overlooks a grass-lined pathway. After hopping this ledge, Trainers are forced to head north along this passageway, encountering another Trainer before merging into the upper middle path.
The southern-most path is an "express route" from Olivine to Ecruteak and is designed so that only eastward movements are permitted. After breaking from the northern path near Route 39, the path heads south, passing a signpost before traversing a ledge that borders a T-intersection. At this junction, Trainers can either head north into the field of grass along the lower middle path or continue east along the southern edge of the ledge of the lower middle path and, eventually, along the fenced area to Ecruteak.
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Route Thirty-Eight
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