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 Officer Storm Scandal

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PostSubject: Officer Storm Scandal    Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:02 pm

Name:storm scandal he goes by the nickname of ace
Apperance:he has green eyes he is always found with a black satchel with a giant r on it he wears a blue jacket that he wears over a blue team rocket uniform he has long brown hair and he wears a pair of blue jeans
Favorite Pokemon:lucario
Back Story:as a child he grew up with abusive parents. when he was 10 he became a pokemon trainer his first partner was a rioul. every time he ran into someone on his journey thought he was always a bad guy. so deciding he will be exactly what everyone thought of him he started attacking other trainers for no reason and stealing food and other equipment that he needed. along his way he captured more pokemon all steel types. when he was 16 he joined team rocket.

all of his pokemon were still at there begging stage. when he was 17 his riolu finally evolved into a lucario. then when he was 18 his Aron finally evolved into lairon.he left team rocket for a while to train his pokemon some more for his bealithe of them being to weak.when he returned he started at the same spot he left at peon. he was a grunt by the time he was 23 and when he a agent by the age of 27.

Important Items of Note:he uses special pokeballs that the only thing special about is the fact that he painted a lucario on each one he also wears a necklace that has a charm in the shape of a R that is red he also has a poke gear that he stole when he was younger
Pokemon Team:Lucario: lv:50 moves:Bullet Punch,Shadow Ball,Thunder Punch,Shadow Claw his lucario does not like to stay in its pokeball and it can talk Steelix: lv:49 moves:gyro ball,rest,bind,iron tail Metang: lv:48 moves:bullet punch,gyro ball,metal claw,meteor mash Skarmory: lv:47 moves:drill peck,air cutter,steel wing,rest Aggron: lv:45 moves:metal sound,metal claw,metal burst,rest Lairon: lv:44 moves:iron defense,iron head,iron tail,ancient power all of his pokemon have high defense and high speed
Personality:Storm is arrogant and believes he can take on the world alone. He is definitely a smart-ass, and can never resist making a good crack to humiliate others. He loves to fight but he won't start it; he will jump into fights that are already happening whether people want him to or not, just for the thrill. He loves to coax others into attacking him as well. He has a (“How are you today?” “Give it an hour and we'll see if I want you alive.”) type attitude towards most people. Storm considers himself a lady's man, but he is often at a loss for words when he sees someone he likes.

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Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Officer Storm Scandal    Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:17 pm

*hands you a team rocket uniform newly made, folded and ironed with the cap on top* Here Is Your Blue Uniform as Requested, Officer Storm. You will report to the Team rocket central Command (main base) until Further Notice.
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Officer Storm Scandal
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