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 Elite Four - Mariel Silencia

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PostSubject: Elite Four - Mariel Silencia   Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:41 pm

Name: Mariel Silencia

Age: 38

Hometown: Saffron City


Personality: Joker, Calm, Deadly, Tempting

Number Two of Elite Four

Alakazam - Male - Magic Guard
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Focus Blast

Lapras - Female - Water Absorb
Ice Beam

Dragonair - Female - Shed Skin
Dragon Pulse
Ice Beam

Metagross - Clear Body
Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt
Ice Beam

Spiritomb - Infiltrator - Psychic
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
Giga Impact

Gardevoir - Female - Synchronize - Chesto Berry
Signal Beam
Shadow Ball

History: Starting her early years as a Gym trainer, Mariel decided it was time to go adventuring when Trainer Gold defeated Lance. Taking her Kirlia passed on by her mother and her Kadabra, she ventured on to many Pokemon Leagues, always in the spotlight as one of the highest contenders there. She went from her homeland of Kanto to the island of Sinnoh, obtaining all her pokemon along the way. There were of course accidents here and there involving children, but let's save that for later. Finally, once she decided she had her fun, she returned to Saffron and was greeted by thousands of fans, all from her starlight as one of the best trainers there is.

"Never knew I was that famous... heh, might as well take the spoils of victory."

Retaining an absurd amount of money and the title of 'Saint' from her travels, she didn't want to lose it. She then returned to her old job as gym trainer, nearly scaring the wits out of any challenger there. Marrying and having a single son as she did so, she had her son stay with the Psychics she knew, hoping he would become as famous as her one day. Sadly, her husband then died overseas, but she nodded at the fact solemnly and moved on.

One afternoon, after her son went off to Pewter with her Sigilyph, a phone call rang.

"Yo, Saint Mariel here."
"Ah, Ms. Silencia... we're recruiting for the E4. You know where to go."

She then smirked and cracked her neck. Oh, the fun she'll have. Her Sigilyph now in PC, she then teleported from Saffron to Indigo with ease, bringing her stuff with her.

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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Elite Four - Mariel Silencia   Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:00 pm

yay we finnaly filled the Elite Four! ^__^
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Elite Four - Mariel Silencia
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