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 Route Thirty-Six

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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

Posts : 960
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Age : 25
Location : Azalea Town

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PostSubject: Route Thirty-Six   Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:18 am

Route Thirty-Six

Route 36 is route in central Johto connecting Route 37, Violet City, and National Park. The northern entrance to the Ruins of Alph are located at eastern end of the route. The route also contains a shortcut to Route 35.


Heading south from Ecruteak, Route 36 is split in half by a series of trees. The western half proceeds south, passing a Trainer duo before merging with the eastern half southwest of a grass patch that blankets the southern portion of the eastern half. Now one route, Route 36 continues south, turning to the east and becoming extremely narrow as it meets the Route 35 connector path. At this junction, Trainers have encountered Sudowoodo several times, using a SquirtBottle to move the Pokémon.

East of the junction, a man will give HM06 (Rock Smash), obtainable early if they approach from the Violet City side. To his northeast on Thursdays, Arthur of the Week Siblings will give Trainers a Hard Stone the first time they meet him, and a Careless Ribbon the second time and all others. South of this point is the north entrance to the Ruins of Alph, which also has an entrance on Route 32.

The route continues due east before turning south as it arrives in the west side of Violet.

Route 35 Connector

This path is an extension of Route 36 that links Route 36 to Route 35 and the National Park. Heading south from its northern terminus at the "Sudowoodo Junction," the route curves west, passing Schoolboy Alan and a grass patch before arriving at a T-intersection. To the north is another Trainer, an Ice Berry tree, and the east entrance to the National Park. To the south is Route 35 (however, without Cut, this path is a dead end).
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Silver Evans
Silver Evans

Posts : 960
Join date : 2012-05-13
Age : 25
Location : Azalea Town

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PostSubject: Re: Route Thirty-Six   Thu May 30, 2013 7:20 am

"Alright Slow down a little Arcy the trees we don't want to run into them so Lets slow down a little."
We took the first turn of the trees; Running by we passed a male Wearing a ribbon looking for trainers passing by.
"Looks like Arthur is Out looking for trainers today so that mean's today's Thursday."
"Alright Sudowoodo is just up ahead so be prepared to jump again Arcy, Okay? the Take a right toward the national park Gates alright?"
He nodded and built up his speed and Jumped clear over the Sudowoodo.
"Ha Ha---Wahhh!!"
Forgetting about his sharp right I almost lost my grip as he accelerated through the curve and headed for the gate.
[Exit to National Park]
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Route Thirty-Six
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