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 Mikey knight (Violet City gym leader)

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Emo Mikey Hino


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PostSubject: Mikey knight (Violet City gym leader)    Fri May 18, 2012 10:14 pm

Name= Mikey knight

where you live = Johto (Violet City)

what is he is wearing = Mikey has dark black hair that cover his scar on his left eye, he have a plan sky blue shirt he is a light skin, skinny guy with green eyes, dark red shoes,dark gray jeans with rips on them his voice has a kind of an 17-year old, video game nerd with a very low/high pitch to it. Last thing about him is this core drill hanging on his neck. And his right ear have is bluetooth to lisson to his fav radio statey Sinnoh Sound.

his pokemon team

1) Gligar (Cross Poison,Faint Attack, Guillotine and X-Scissor)

2) Starly (Brave Bird,Double Team,Double-Edge and Air Cutter

His life story

Mikey life starting when he turn 10 year old when his mom and dad was having a birthday party for him his dad give him 5 new pokeball and said," Son it time for you to go on your journay to become a gym leader so when mikey hear that Mikey pack up every thing he need and he run out from the house and starting his jouray to become the new gym leader for his home town. One day in his jourany he saw a young Gligar so mikey thinking to himself," ok i want him in my team. So he found a bark from a tree and found some berrys and mash it all and put it all on the bark and give it to the young Gligar and he love it so he ask if i want to go with him and the young one said yes so mikey took out his pokeball and he catch his very first pokemon the young Gligar. The young Gligar stay out the pokeball and hand out in the back of Mikey's back, After he catch the Gligar he also catch a Starly.

After that he enter the Silver Conference and he was in the top 11 traners that catch the eyes from his home town gym leader Falkner. After the Silver Conference Falkner ask Mikey if he want to battle him and he said," yes Falkner so after 13 hours of battling Mikey barly win with the young Gligar Falkner said," nice battle kid let me ask you something Mr Mikey Knight you want to be the new gym leader am i right? Mikey said yes i do Falkner so Falkner said," you have a pure heart but there something in you that is hiding inside of you but forget for now. **Falkner give Mikey his gym key Falkner said,"Mikey Knight you are the new Violet City gym leader. Mikey fell happy inside but in the outside he said,"thank you Falkner but i not ready to run a gym by myself so Falkner can you stay and train me to be a good gym leader and Falkner said,"ok Mikey i will train you to be the best gym leader for our home town.

outside of the gym= when trainers going to enter the gym it going to look like a bird house with a Ho-oh and Lugia having a epic battle on the top of the bird house. There is some bird pokemon that do live there but when they have a battle the living bird pokemon leave there home and look of a new on. The door is just like a pokemon center one.

Inside of the gym= Inside it look like the leater s and when you bating the other peoples you be lock inside of a bird cage and battle inside of there the road to the gym leader will be ok there only about 4 traners who is with the gym leader and when you face the gym leader the battle field will grow and it will stop at the top of the bird cage.

Other info = Mikey is the Violet City gym leader but the former gym leader Falkner still there only to teach Mikey to be the best gym leader in his home town, he take care of his pokemon like his own family and there is something in him that he do not know let.

He also give out the Tm Call Fly
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Mikey knight (Violet City gym leader)
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